Thriller Paradise

Thriller Paradise

Terror Paradise

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Thriller Paradise novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author San Tian Liang Jiao. 419 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


This is a game that surpasses dimensions.

It is also a competition for the search of truth.

Unknown seals, a game of chance with ghosts and gods…

The digital struggle, the redemption of humans…

In the virtual world that links with reality—It consciously decided us. It consciously chose us. It consciously decided our consciousness.

And now, throw away your fear.

Throw away your selfish thoughts, questions, and resistance… Free your mind.

Welcome to: Thriller Paradise.

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  • enter

    Should be titled InfoDump: Paradise instead lol. Plot consist of 1 part story 9 part infodump&trivia, or if you gonna be generous, it's 2 part story 8 part infodump.

  • lnwUser30459

    is this novel droped or something else

  • Rexus

    This is a really good novel. This novel introduces you to an mc diagnosed with a condition in the brain that makes him immune to fear. As of yet the reason behind his condition is unknown and even medical experts can't find a cure. The MC gets into this horror/thriller virtual reality game in order to find the feeling of fear again or to derive inspiration correlated to his real life job which is a mystery genre writer. In terms of character development, I think it'll happen letter on as the mc and his friends currently treat each other as allies who got each others back. The MC friends aren't the type where they suck up to mc or seem inferior in order to upgrade his image. They all have their own unique traits and characteristics. The Mc's bestie is behaves like a wimp usually in each scenario but if you watch demon slayer, he's like Zenitsu and will become calm and calculative dependant on the predicament. The 2 FL have their own uniqueness too. The Mc's interest especially has a peculiar character. She just like the mc doesn't beat around the Bush whether it is doing something or conversing. She is a cold and straightforward character. If I remember, she tried to lower the looks of her character to the ugliest setting in the game to not catch attention but still ended up with an above average look. She is the main attacker of the group and has higher battle prowess than the mc. Lastly, she's a kuudere... Nothing more needs to be said. Her friend, the other FL, is the smarter out of the two and although she isn't at the same level of intellect as the mc, she can get what the mc is hinting at or spot and memorize the small details in a scenario. Her redeeming feature is that she likes being cheeky and teases the others of the group at times. Her role is sniper/gunner and although she likes to tease the others, she prefers teasing the Mc's friend more than the rest. What I like though is the interaction between them, there are times when they're epic and there are moments where u just want to ship them. The world building is breathtakingly amazing. The scenarios may seem simple at first, but there's always a deeper mystery hidden behind them, and it is fun having to watch the MC solve them along the way. The best aspect in this novel though is the its ability to produce insane plot twists and pull up bigger conspiracies. When you think you know how the events will turn out for each scenario, the author suddenly pulls in a big plot twist that completely blows your mind or reveals a conspiracy that leaves you behind in curiosity. In terms of the MC personality, he's unique compared to any other Mc's I've seen. If you have read trash of the count's family, he like Cale in which he tries to not stand out but fails miserably. In fact he's crazier than Cale, I can say he's weird but in a cool smart badass way, and he's also the biggest troll you'll see. During the participation of a TV show that he was invited to, he was unwilling to go but eventually participated. He then tried not to stand out but his bizarre behaviour made him the most apparent of the group there and it was hilarious. Ive read many novels and I consider this and Trash of the count's family as high tier novels, FYI I haven't read ORV yet so I can't make a comparison. It's weird to compare these two novels together since they're unique in their own aspects but its specifically this uniqueness that makes then stand out from other novels that places them high tier in my opinion. Just give it a try and I promise you that you will like the Thriller Paradise~(Note- The novel starts getting exciting when it hits the Hunter Island scenario at chp 85)

  • Dertonel

    Luv this.

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Really good novel.
I've pointed out the pros, now cons.

-There times when the puzzle solving aspect in a scenario becomes a bit too complicated. Which will make you wrack your brains in trying to follow along with the mc's thought process.

-There is a main storyline but the author keeps it really conspiscious. It is a virtual reality game so the purpose of each scenario is to challenge players and reward them in the end dependant on performance. Although the stories behind each scenario is interesting, the focus on a main storyline is progressively slow, but I think that adds to the anticipation of a big reveal in the later chapters.

-There should be more chapters revealing his daily life. Because those type of chapters are just too hilarious to have them only appear few times after each scenario.

-Next is one is that the mc is... just too awesome. Pls nerf (jk)

-More shipping moments author. After 400 chapters we only get a couple good moments. Pls, I'm craving for them

-Just a personal opinion but... The update is slow. It was insufferable to try reading future chp on mtl as the names and sentences get jumbled up. The novel is too good to let it upload a few chapters per week. The wait is killing me


It's great, i recommend reading this if you like horror, and a smart mc. It has a lot of references in game like scp, movies, and some other stuff