Vampire's Slice Of Life
Chapter 269: Farewell Abalax world Academy

Emilia looked at Lith with a dumbfounded gaze. What was up with him? Why was he saying such a thing?

Lith nodded and said calmly, "yes, Miss Emilia. I have thought it through. I'll be dropping out."

Emilia slightly frowned when she heard this. She simply fell silent and thought about a few things while staring at him without replying.

Lith didn't speak to her and gave her time to think things through.

What Emilia was thinking was that it would be a big loss for the academy if he dropped out, even the reputation of the academy would drop by a lot. Another thing was, he wasn't just her own student, but Arya's as well. What would her reaction be when she finds out about this?

There were a lot of things that were making Emilia deny Lith's request but she didn't come to a conclusion quickly. After she was finished thinking of things, she looked at everything from Lith's perspective. Why was he planning to do this? Does he understand the consequences? Does he know how big of a deal this is?

A few seconds passed as Emilia racked her brain and tried to think things through. She finally sighed and said,

"Are you sure? Because once you do, there's no going back."

Lith nodded in affirmation. He then calmly said, "Miss Emilia, I wouldn't have thought about this had there been competition available. The thing is…"

Lith began explaining to Emilia about why he was dropping out.

Emilia calmly listened and didn't interrupt him.

After Lith finished speaking, Emilia understood the gist of the matter and why Lith wanted to drop out.

She thought over it a bit and realized that whatever he spoke; he was right about it. There really was no one to compete against and his growth would stagnant if he stayed here.

But, Emilia didn't give him her approval yet.

The problem of Arya not knowing this still lied and things would be troublesome once she got back here and didn't see Lith around. He was one of her first students along with Ralph and Dennis, with her being the official teacher.

Emilia was just a substitute who was acting as the trio's teacher in Arya's absence. She didn't have the power to approve of such a big decision taken by Lith.

But, she had to.

She had to answer Lith as nobody knew when Arya would be back and it was also a matter of Lith's future.

Emilia thought in Lith's best interest along with Arya's and soon came to a conclusion. But before answering Lith about it, she asked him,

"I have one question."

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Lith nodded. "Go ahead, please ask whatever you want to."

Emilia too nodded and asked, "does the Vampire Queen know about this?"

Lith nodded again and said, "mom does. I made the decision of dropping out only after taking her view into consideration."

"I see." Emilia sighed and said. "This makes things much easier for me. You should've mentioned it at the start."

If the parent doesn't have any problem with what their child is doing and is supporting it, why would the management of the academy give a disapproval.

The Vampire Queen is one of the founders of this academy, if she had agreed, then there was not much that Emilia could do. Her approval at this point was just formalities.

*My apologies, I should've said it sooner." Lith said in a calm voice.

"It's fine. But I hope you don't regret your decision." Emilia said in a neutral tone.

"Don't worry, I won't." Lith replied with a smile.

Emilia took out some documents from the drawer of her desk and wrote a few things on them, she then signed them at the last as a sign of her approval. She proceeded to ask Lith to sign in a few places and was done with all the paperwork needed a few minutes later.

Emilia rose up from her seat to approach Lith and handed him a scroll while extending her other hand out for a handshake.

Lith grabbed her hand, and Emilia did a light handshake. While doing so, she said gently,

"You're now officially a drop out of the Abalax World Academy. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors."

Lith smiled and said, "thank you, Miss Emilia."

Emilia nodded. She let go of Lith's hand and doing a light cough, she said, "that was a formality I needed to complete as a principal. Aside from that, do you mind telling me what you'll be doing for the next four years? Your peers would be working hard to ascend to Rank 6 and graduate from the academy here, what about you?"

Lith smiled and said, "nothing much really. I'll just be going from one place to another, adventuring and exploring, and raise my magic rank in the meantime. The goal is to be a Rank 6 in the coming four years but let's see how it goes."

"Where will you go after you leave the academy?" Emilia asked again, a bit curious.

"I'll be going to the C class dungeon in Uklov and decide what to do next later."

"I see. Another thing, would be mine keeping me updated with the place you stay at or will stay at? Ahem, I can provide you with discounts and various other benefits if you want." Emilia said, trying to hide the true things she was thinking of.

Emilia wanted to know the places Lith would be at so that she could visit him in her free time and cook food together. It was one of her favorite things to do now and she didn't want to miss out on this.

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Having an idea about his address would help her find him easily and she could also meet him anytime she wanted, given that he was present in the house.

Lith smiled and said, "sure, it won't be a problem."

Emilia had a slight smile on her face as Lith said that. She didn't show too happy an expression but internally, she really was very happy.

Emilia talked with Lith for a few more minutes and finally, when it was time for farewell, she said to him,

"Listen, Lith. As your teacher, I would like to strictly warn you to beware and be on guard at all times against anyone you aren't familiar with or know much about. You may even come across a wide variety of people but be mindful and always select who you want to be around wisely, got it?"

Lith nodded. "Thank you for your warning, Miss Emilia."

Emilia continued, "I wish you best of luck once again, Lith. May the light be with you."

Emilia drew a cross sign on her chest and said to Lith.

Lith thanked Emilia again. He then took a step close to Emilia and said with a smile,

"Miss Emilia, a farewell hug?"

Emilia thought about it and, noticing how there wasn't any harm in hugging, she agreed to do it.

Lith extended his hands out and hugged Emilia. But she was a head taller than him, resulting in his face getting stuffed in her big bosoms as she hugged him.

Emilia didn't notice such a thing as she felt it was normal to hug like this. Angels hugged each other all the time, there was nothing wrong in doing so. On top of that, Lith didn't do anything that was inappropriate and wrong, it was simply comfortable to hug him.

Lith, as Emilia was thinking of, really did nothing inappropriate while hugging. The reason being, he was very relaxed and his hormones weren't going crazy.

He had done the deed with his mother early in the morning and it wasn't just one round; he had done multiple one, so he had no dirty thoughts going on in his mind, instead he was very much calm.

Emilia surely was pretty and beautiful but not as much as his mother. His mother literally looked like a divine being, a goddess, and no one could come close to match her beauty, except of course, his sister.

Lith let go of the hug and said to Emilia, "I'll be leaving, now Miss Emilia."

Emilia nodded and said, "yes. Be sure to read everything there is in that scroll and also, here's a small farewell gift from me."

Emilia took out a token and handed it to Lith. "This is a teleportation token. You can travel anywhere you want within a continent by imbuing just a bit of your spiritual power. You can't do intercontinental teleportation, but you can simply teleport with this token to the teleportation circle present in the continent and travel to another continent easily."

"I understand. Thank you for your gift, Miss Emilia. I'll be on my way now." Lith said with a smile and left.

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After he was gone, Emilia sat on the sofa present and said with a tired tone, "sigh… I don't know what Arya's reaction would be. I just hope she doesn't mind this."

Lith left the main building of the academy and walked towards his dorm one last time. He said farewell to Ralph and Dennis, then left for the gate present in the sky island along with the two.

It was evening right now and as the trio moved towards the gate; they attracted a lot of attention. The students were usually free around this time and did something for leisure. They got to know about the trio roaming and came to see them do the same.

Everyone in the academy was in awe of these three as they really were the true elites among elites. The trio also didn't make much public appearance, making them like celebrities of the academy.

The trio walked at a moderate pace and reached the gate. Many people had followed them and were close to the gate.

The students were permitted to be close to the gate because it wasn't a restricted area. Nobody could enter or leave without the proper authorization, and it was very challenging to break down or damage the gate. The students were thus permitted by the academy.

Lith had Rena on his shoulder and was wearing the same black casual outfit. He looked at the island gate, then turned to look at the two.

He patted their shoulders and said with a smile, "it was fun hanging out with you two. The next time we meet, I hope you two have become much stronger than now. And I hope to see you soon as well."

The two nodded.

"I'll see you in a year or two." Ralph said in a neutral tone.

"Me too, Your Highness." Dennis said with a smile.

Lith nodded and extended his hands out for a hug.

The two hugged him simultaneously followed by a group hug.

Watching such a heartwarming scene, many young girls who couldn't resist Ralph's charms bled through their nose and the older ones became so aroused, their pants needed to be changed.

Many took a picture of the trio hugging, which they noticed but turned a blind eye to.

Lith let go of Ralph and Dennis and said to them with a smile,

"I'll be departing and officially drop out of the academy now. Farewell, you two, and…"

Lith looked at the crowd standing a few hundred meters away. He looked at them, around him and noticed the area he saw when he first entered the black metallic gate.

He smiled and turned back to leave. Looking at the gate in front of him, with the same smile from before, he continued,

"...Farewell Abalax World Academy."

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(The End of the Second Volume)

Vampire's Slice Of Life Chapter 269: Farewell Abalax world Academy
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