Vampire's Slice Of Life
Chapter 796: Punisher Gets Punished*

Chapter 796 Punisher Gets Punished*

Luna had no idea as to how she was slacking, but she said, "My apologies, Your Highness."

Lith squinted his eyes and said, "You don't look the least bit apologetic with those words. Alright, it's decided. Your punishment won't be light."

Lith let go of her hands and then said, "Follow me until I decide your punishment."

Luna had the corner of her lips curve up, but she put on an expression as if she had been wronged and nodded.

Lith walked inside the throne room and saw his mother sitting on the throne and talking to the maidservants.

Bella and Qingyue were behind her, standing in wait, while the rest of the servants sat in two rows by the walls.

It was like a typical King's throne room where he chatted with his ministers and brought forth justice to his subjects and whatnot.

Lith entered through the back entrance and not the main one. If he did so from the main one, it would mean that he was going to join in on the discussion, which he had no plans to do.

Lith walked up the steps present and reached behind his mother's throne.

Lilith stopped speaking and turned to her baby that had just arrived.

Lith leaned close to her from the side and whispered in her ears, "Mom, I'll be leaving for aunt Mayzin's place tomorrow."

His training was still remaining and so he had to leave.

Lilith nodded and, covering her mouth, asked Lith, "Will it be for a long time?"

"Probably." Lith said. "I feel a bit thirsty so I'll leave after spending some time with you."

Lilith nodded once again. "Let's quench your thirst first then."

She got up from her seat and instructed the Royal Servants to continue on with the discussion and that she'll be back in a while.

They all got up and bowed in response.

Lilith left with Lith and Luna followed them as per instructions.

They reached Lilith's bedroom and after sitting on the bed, Lith said, "For your punishment, Luna, give me a good strip show and dance. If I find anything bad, you're going to be spanked."

Luna was surprised by this while Lilith chuckled.

Lith was becoming more unruly by the day with his demands increasing, but that was good, at least in case of Luna.

"I hope the show is good, Luna. I need some lessons too." Lilith said and giggled softly.

Lith raised an eyebrow at this while Luna bowed in response.

"I don't wanna see you dance, mom." Lith said. It was fine as long as it was limited to Luna, but it would be a bit weird to see his mom do that.

Lilith walked close to Lith and sat on his lap. She placed her hand on his shoulders and said, "It's not for me, silly. I just need some references to give to someone."

"Oh, I see." Lith said and nodded, oblivious that the 'someone' Lilith was referring to was none other than Mayzin herself.

Music then began playing out of nowhere in the room and the lights dimmed, focusing on Luna who was starting to perform.

Lith focused on her while also giving a lick to Lilith's smooth neck.

The scent coming from here was far too much to resist and thankfully, he didn't need to do so anyway.

Extending his fangs out, Lith bit onto Lilith's neck and began sucking her blood.

A burning sensation coursed through Lilith's body from her neck to down to her nethers while Lith felt a cool and fuzzy sensation all over him.

Luna shook her hips and did quite a lot of good poses while slowly stripping down. This made him further intoxicated and aroused.

First, Luna moved in a manner her top would come off. Lith was waiting for it, but then she danced her way into trying to take off her skirt, but didn't do so either.

This made Lith think, 'Damn, she's a good tease…'

Lith didn't ask her for a striptease but, if it works, it works. He continued to watch her put out a great show.

Luna slowly stripped down and took off her maid robes. There was only her black lingerie, stockings and garter belt on her now.

She slowly unhooked her bra straps and getting close to Lith, put on an action of dropping them and revealing her perky tits, but didn't do so and teased him further.

Lith breathed heavily as his arousal peaked. Lilith could notice this and chuckled. Teasing sure was fun, she thought, and wondered if she should do it as well in future or not.

A bulge formed in Lith's pants and since a great beauty was sitting on his lap anyway, he squeezed her big buttocks and with his mouth, unhooked the front clips of Lilith's dress and made her big milkers come out in the open.

The pink pearls were really inviting and Lith wasted no time and sucked on one of them, while still watching the strip show with his other senses.

Luna then danced and in the flow, took off her panties but was turned sideways, so Lith didn't get to see anything other than a slight part of her hair above her pussy.

'This is frustrating…' Lith thought to himself and hungrily devoured his mother in front of him.

Lilith could only smile and bear the brunt happily. She didn't know a strip tease could bring out such emotions from her baby. Had she known about it before, she would've done so herself.

Now it was decided. She definitely was going to use these tactics to seduce Lith in future and also teach the ways to his ladies to spice things up.

Lilith continued to watch and Luna continued to perform while continued to feel frustrated.

Luna then turned around and bent down, her bra falling off while her legs with stocks and garter belts on thighs appeared in Lith's vision.

Above her thighs though, even if her big and round ass was visible to him, the folds or even her slit between her legs wasn't properly visible.

The teasing caused him to rip apart his mother's skirt and have a look at her honeypot instead.

Lilith giggled softly while Luna too was grinning as she continued to dance. They sure were having fun watching Lith.

Luna eventually turned around and Lith finally got to see her jiggling big tits. He heaved a sigh of relief and turned to look down, but could only see her well trimmed bush and not the actual thing since Luna had her legs clamped.


Luna danced once again but not even a single move let Lith see her private garden.

She walked close to him while swaying her hips and placed a hand on his shoulder while standing behind Lilith.

Luna winked at Lith and then turned around and went back to her spot in a catwalk, her nethers still not visible.

'Alright, it's getting too much now…' Lith thought to himself and tightly squeezed Lilith's peaches.

Lilith smiled as she could understand her baby's frustration was at its peak.

She got up from his lap and getting behind him, wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled his pants down.

Lith was now having a proper look at Luna while Lilith did so as well.

Luna put on an even better show as she was having her masters' proper attention on her.

Lilith nibbled on Lith's ear and began stroking his shaft, thinking that she was doing a good job in making him calm down.

However, the effect was completely opposite as Lith's ears turned red and his body heated up. He was feeling a cool sensation down there and it was pleasurable, sure, but it was far too frustrating to not have his entire shaft be enveloped by those fluffy warm canals of his mother or maid.

Still, it would not be good to lack self control and pounce on any of the two ladies. Thus, he sucked it up and lay still, letting the two whatever they wanted.

The punisher was getting punished in this case and things had backfired, but it was a good mistake nonetheless since his mother was enjoying this show.

Immortals needed entertainment and even if it was as small as this situation, it was a good scenario for them and made them happy.

Finally, after about ten minutes of teasing, Luna walked up to Lith and turning around, took a wide stance and began twerking.

Her big ass jiggled up and down while her folds stretched appropriately.

Lith's shaft bulged further in Lilith's hands and she began stroking it faster.

In just two minutes, as Lith's shaft threatened to explode, Lilith signalled to Luna and understanding her Queen's commands, she twerked her way down on Lith's shaft, making it slide into her wet pussy.

"Nngh…" Lith grunted in pleasure and held tightly onto Lilith's legs as he felt himself melt into the cozy wonderland.

Lith's mind went blank and he fell backwards in Lilith's embrace, who merely giggled and hugged her baby.

Luna had a light orgasm herself as Lith shot his load in her and despite the shaking, didn't fall down and held on.

She lay still on Lith's lap and let her Prince enjoy the euphoric feeling.

Chapter 796: Punisher Gets Punished*
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