Although the disciples of the Thousand Blades Sect had been enthusiastically urging them to stay, Lin Feilu still remembered that she was to make a trip to Mount Wutai to visit her Imperial Grandmother. Hence, she could only regretfully decline but promised to return if she had the time in the future.

It was Yan Xin who brought them up the mountain last time. Likewise, it was Yan Xin who accompanied them down the mountain.

It looked like she had a lot to say, but in the end, she just clenched her fists and said four words, “Take care of yourselves.”

Lin Feilu warmly invited her, “Sister Yan Xin, if you have the opportunity to come to the capital, remember to come and find us! There are so many Masters in the capital as well! I will accompany you to hone our swordsmanship skills when it comes down to that time!”

Yan Xin glanced at Lin Ting as she nodded and said yes.

The two got on the carriage, but Yan Xin stood still without moving. The breeze of the mountain sent her long, red skirt lightly flowing.

The carriage curtain suddenly lifted and Lin Ting stuck his head out and called her warmly, “Miss Yan Xin.”

Yan Xin looked up.

He smiled softly, “The animals in the yard—can you help me take care of them first?”

Yan Xin said, “Alright, then when will you come back?”

Lin Ting looked at her tenderly, “Two months earliest, but half a year the latest is my estimation. Either way, I am sure to return.”

A happy smile finally appeared on the face of the girl.

The carriage gradually drove away from the Qin Mountain. It was still spring when the siblings came, but it was already autumn when they left. The journey was quite lengthy from the Qin Mountain to Mount Wutai, but Lin Feilu was not in a hurry as she played the part of a tourist enjoying every second of her vacation.

After staying in the mountains for a few months, she missed the city’s hustle and bustle.

Lin Feilu planned to go into the city to buy some autumn clothing and finally arrived at the nearest town in the evening. After finding an inn where they could settle down, the group went to the first floor to have a meal. They listened to the discussions around them as soon as they sat down. The gossip seemed to mention something about the new Emperor of the Song Empire.

Lin Feilu and Lin Ting looked at each other as they leaned aside and asked, “Sir, can I ask what happened in the Song Empire? Why do I hear everyone talking about it?”

The man turned his head and saw that it was a young girl, but he was very patient as he explained, “You don’t know? Last month, the new Emperor of the Song Empire ascended the throne.”

The monarch of the Song Empire was seriously ill last year, and Song Jinglan fled the Great Lin Empire because of this incident. Could it be that the monarch had passed away?

Hearing what she said, the man looked at her like a fool, “What do you mean ‘died of illness’? The new Emperor directly killed him! The new Emperor not only killed his father, but also killed his elder brother, who should have succeeded to the throne for the position. I heard that his methods were especially vicious. After ascending the throne, all the officials who refused to obey him were executed and all the other princes were imprisoned. I heard that since he ascended the throne, the blood on the execution grounds of Song Empire has yet to dry!”

Lin Feilu and Lin Ting’s facial expressions changed at the same time.

Since the new Emperor’s methods were so brutal, the peace between the Song Empire and the Great Lin Empire would inevitably be broken.

Chapter 376
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