Walker Of The Worlds
Chapter 2027: Questions About The Drunken Dream


Lin Mu sat in the bedroom once more and had his eyes closed. Having broken through earlier and reaching the Third Tribulation Stage of the Immortal realm, he hadn't adapted to his new cultivation base yet. Lin Mu ended up going to the celebration and then the farewell of Meihua and as such hadn't gotten time for this.

But after learning more about Teleportation from the Saintess, he reckoned it was time for him to sit down and digest.

'There's no telling when Crown Prince Feng Shun would arrive, thus its best to be ready.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

As such, he decided to stabilize his cultivation base and understand the finer changes that might have taken place. After all, he had done the breakthrough while he was drunk, thus there was no telling if there were any bad side effects to it.

Thus to err on the side of caution, Lin Mu took plenty of time and made sure that his cultivation base was stable and there were no hidden dangers.

'Looks like it's all fine…' Lin Mu thought to himself seeing that his halos around his Nascent Soul were perfect.

Having done this, Lin Mu reckoned it was time to discuss a few things with Senior Xukong.

"Senior are you there?" Lin Mu spoke in his mind.

For a minute there was no response before Xukong finally replied.

"I am, what is it?" The Spider asked.

"I uh… Had a dream." Lin Mu replied. "When I was passed out drunk." He added.

"What kind of dream?" Xukong asked, feeling interested.

He knew that Lin Mu wouldn't talk about something like this, unless it was concerning.

"It would be easier to just show you the memory." Lin Mu said before sharing it with Xukong.

Xukong accessed the memory in their shared mind space and observed all that had happened to Lin Mu in the dream. He saw the vault, with all the fortune as well as the unique markings on them. He also saw the spatial storage tool which was in the form of a cupboard and the weapons and tools that were kept inside it.

Of course, the most important part of it was none other than the Third Ring that was kept inside the box. Xukong went silent for a while as he processed it all.

"Hmm… We did suspect this before, didn't we?" Xukong spoke up. "There being more rings."

"We did… But now that it's confirmed it feels surreal." Lin Mu replied with a frown.

"But it is definitely true. You saw a dream about the second ring too." Xukong said taking a pause. "Are you feeling any desire like before?" he questioned.

"Thankfully, I am not." Lin Mu said in a slightly relieved tone. "That burning desire… It not exactly comfortable and takes away my peace." He stated.

"That is true. But then again, you didn't feel it right away in the past either. It took a while, until the second ring was taken away." Xukong said, making Lin Mu frown even more.

"Hmmm, but in that case it was found by Huangyu Shiyi. If my dream is correct, then the ring is already in the possession of someone or some organization. But if so, that desire isn't triggering." Lin Mu explained his doubts.

"Perhaps it might trigger in the future." Xukong responded. "After all, there is still a difference. While the ring is in the possession of someone, they aren't 'wearing' it. You felt that burning desire with the second ring since Huangyu Shiyi was actively wearing and using it. But that is not the case here." He explained.

Lin Mu had to think further about his situation after listening to Xukong's words. He knew there was still a lot he didn't know about the rings, and whatever they might be speculating might just flip on its head. But for now, they could still postulate some things.

"If the past condition is correct, and the third ring is indeed in the possession of someone but not being used, it means that desire is only triggered upon successful use. Which means I have enough time to obtain it till then." Lin Mu analyzed. "The only question is… How long do I have left?"

"However time you might have, I think you still want to prioritize getting it right?" Xukong asked next.

"I do. But we have no idea where it is." Lin Mu replied.

"I might have an idea where it is." Xukong said, surprising Lin Mu.

"You do!?" Lin Mu's eyes went wide.

"Yes… While I don't know exactly who has it, the ring is certainly in the Immortal Realm." Xukong answered.

"How do you know that for sure?" Lin Mu asked in doubt. "Is it the symbol?"

"I know because of the Vault itself. That is a highly secure design that is very common in the Greater powers of the Immortal realm. Getting one made is certainly not easy and will cost millions of High Grade immortal stones.

As such, it isn't something an individual cultivator would make. Not to mention, the Spatial Storage cupboard inside it. That itself, might be worth more than the entire vault. With such a double secure method, it does reduce the number of organizations that could have it." Xukong answered, making Lin Mu excited.

But this was just the start, as his next words made Lin Mu a bit disappointed.

"As for the symbol, I do not know which organization or power it belongs to. At the very least I can tell you, it is certainly not from any of the main ones such as the Immortal court. No one would use an inauspicious symbol such as the Calamity Ruin Beast's horns for their crest." Xukong explained his reasoning.

"I see… If even you don't know about them, then are they obscure?" Lin Mu asked.

"It is possible… but then again, I do not know every power in the Immortal world, especially if they are new or have stayed hidden." Xukong replied. "But there is someone who might know more… The Saintess."

Chapter 2027: Questions About The Drunken Dream
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