What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?

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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? novel is a popular light novel covering Harem, Adventure, and Action genres. Written by the Author Draekai. 1334 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I was a genius in the Earthen Plane. I was a cripple in the Spiritual Plane. I was dead in the Cloud Plane.

After experiencing death in the form of dragon sneeze, I find myself back in my room in Earthen Plane where I was a genius.

I had been too focused on training myself in the past life. Now that I’ve been given a second chance, I should just enjoy my life to the fullest extent!

Instead of locking myself up in my room to cultivate, take in a few disciples so they can help take care of me!

Easy life is best life!

The other Planes suck anyway, I’ll just lay back here and relax! All I need to do is to teach my dear disciples on the things I’ve learnt while they take care of me!


What do you mean one of my disciples destroyed the Sinister Demon Sect last night? Do you not see how she’s here massaging my shoulders now?

There’s no way my disciple could have obliterated the all-powerful Xi Family, can’t you see she’s obediently pouring tea for me over there?

You must be delusional to even suggest my disciple could have flattened the impassable Death Mountains, just look at how cute she is taking a nap under the cherry blossom tree.

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?

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  • Hypnweeb 17

    I read this novel a long time ago and I have no idea where I was or what was going on… guess I’ll start again and see why I stopped 🧐

  • Adcium 13

    Also, this author has written a Futa novel as well as a new novel about a gender-fluid person I think it's gender fluid, I didn't read it as I've got a lot of stuff in the way.

  • Adcium 13

    I found out this ended a few months ago and I remember starting this when there was only 60~ chapters so I'm excited to read it to the end. The last time I read it there was just under 800 chapters.

  • PManManMan 1

    I enjoyed it, but I ended up dropping it when the Yanderes started killing his actual friends and he was just like dang, that’s a shame. Welp moving on.

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    Admin Edit: 06 Jan, 04:04

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  • LOGANE 4

    This is one f*ck*d up story... it was still tolerable up untill the gender bender part... I had it enough I'm I'm dropping it... Don't read it if you can't tolarate cringe,gender bender,dumb MC,weard plot...also the r-18 parts of the story is skipped in the story so far i have read.

    • cannotreachthe_apex 27

      You mean a guy become a woman and enter MC harem??

      Edited: 5mo
      • MeowYami 1

        nope, the only male disciple doesn't enter his harem lol.

        Edited: 22d
      • LOGANE 4

        Yea man and the mc sometimes become girl too it's all sh*t mixed and I can't still forgot this stupid story

      • Subham 4

        💀 Thank brother

      • cannotreachthe_apex 27

        D*mn fortunately I dropped it before that

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  • zhou_mingrui 10

    Would master lin be a tier 1 at least?

  • SecrtOp 1

    Does Cultivatiors Here Live Longer Than Normal People?

  • Dragonking 30

    Basically this novel has just *rgy *rgy and *rgy

  • MalikAlSayatin 2

    In which chapter is the homecoming arc and in which chapter does it end

  • francis_kg 46

    Looks like I neglected this novel. Haysx too much novels to read. I can't even give attention to the other novels... kinda like how life goes. Well it is how life goes