When A Mage Revolts
When A Mage Revolts

When A Mage Revolts

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When A Mage Revolts novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Mystery, and Action genres. Written by the Author Yin Si. 942 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Kubei was just an ordinary pencil and button pusher working a day job, hating his boss and making horrible speeches when one day he fell asleep after pushing an all-nighter. When he woke up, he was bound to a chair, facing three creepy robed women and in a body way too young and way too weak to be his own. As he slowly came to, he realized that he was no longer in the same universe as he was before. He had teleported to the Kingdom of Helius, where an all-powerful church rules its lands and wages war against the elusive group known only as Mages. Armed with an incredibly cocky neural interface that just won’t shut up and his own sheer wit, our MC will find himself not just fighting to survive, but maybe even something bigger than himself.

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  • abcTY
    Reader KP:0

    Annie's story is very depressing

    3 months ago Reply
  • IvanSpasov
    Reader KP:546

    its normal good, not good good, there is no leveling, and no harem which is a masiv plus for me, its a good light read the chapters are not long as well, i didnt like some parts of the endind, but for a fentasy novel it was realistic, like its still fantasy but peoples actions are normal there is not a lot of bulshit and no plot holes, actions are explained well, yea it was a good read

    4 months ago Reply
  • Cutest_Lillie
    Reader KP:112

    My first impression after a few chapters is that the system sucks. The system is annoyingly a retard. I understand the author wanted it to have a more comedic tone but its really frustrating to read a system that does not even give the most important information to the MC. Its like having a pig teammate, who keeps joking around, when playing ranking games in LoL or Valorant. I do not know if this would continue in the following chapters but if you do not want a system that is a retard then please don't give yourself some suffering.

    6 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser109809
    Reader KP:318

    Is this technological gap?

    6 months ago Reply
  • Plumblossom
    Reader KP:10

    I got interested with this book before and stopped reading around 400+ chapter because I got bored, but more like I didn't really understand what is going on. But i like the story still. And after a year, I re read the story again and finished it finally. But it broke my heart T.T Even tho Grant became a villain, the reasons why, breaks my heart and he still tried to escape the fate of the two brothers fighting, in the end, Benjamin killed him, his own brother. I really want the both of them to reconcile and start over :( And Elizabeth, I guess Benjamin never liked her, not a bit. I just can't imagine myself holding on to the engagement ring for years trying to understand what I did wrong to deserve that kind of treatment. At least she became the Queen. As for Miles, there's no specific outcome of what happened to him after the war, as well as if he recovered from the abyss trial's "condition". I guess he really died at the age of 28. T.T

    7 months ago Reply
    • CZ2128Delta
      Reader KP:2

      miles death and michelle really affected me. Despite both characters becoming victims of family tragedies. They were also given great powers at the cost of their lives. The system though. . ugh breaks my heart. Seems benjamin will be alone at heart since the one who really knew is is forever gone. I am re-reading this for the second time. love this so much and i hope to one day draw scenes from this novel, a tribute to the author for this wonderful novel \>.

      Edited: 29 Sep, 01:48
      3 days ago Reply
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  • Asakapah
    Reader KP:0

    around chapter 150, i find the world building lacking, sometimes the kingdom seems small, other times huge, it has good parts but generally its lacking

    7 months ago Reply
  • LittleMelo
    Reader KP:19

    waste of time

    7 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser113406
    Reader KP:0

    After reading the whole thing, front to back, I can officially say that this story was pretty good. Ending felt a little bit rushed, especially with the emergence of a certain character, but overall I do like it. 8/10 would recommend

    8 months ago Reply
  • JustAnAveOtaku
    Reader KP:23

    Get some common sense this is just the author stalling for content as he or she continues to give filler after filler all the while making the mc stronger. For example the mc could have killed the bitch as soon as he got that gun yet what do u know some magical leaf appears as a bargaining chip and turns her into an ally not to mention the endless dialogue between the system and the mc which is seriously just unnecessary.

    Edited: 20 Mar, 01:53
    Admin Edit: 20 Mar, 01:53

    Please use spoiler tag.

    8 months ago Reply
  • lnwUser111017
    Reader KP:0

    the beginning is very confusing and I am at chapter 10 and everything is very confusing like the story is way slow and what is the story about. The story is way confusing.

    9 months ago Reply