The whole world was relishing the death of the most villainous man ever born, one who was titled the 'Evilest Villain' by his friends and foes alike.

Why you ask? He committed murders, burned people to death just because they were in his way, and tortured the families of his enemies. But one should ask, if just killing one's enemies is wrong, then what about all those protagonists who just cruise over others like they are just bugs in their valiant paths? The world celebrates their deeds as heroic ones.

In the middle of a ruined forest lay a man whose body was riddled with wounds all over. There was a spear stuck in his chest, and one could guess his death was only moments away. But unlike the condition of his body, his face was calm. There was no anger, no fear, no sadness, but his eyes showed regrets. However, his regrets were not about the way he lived his life, but about the fact he could not complete the vow he made years ago. Just a few meters away stood a man with white hair who was surprisingly fine, even after that battle, surrounded by three women who looked only a bit tired due to the fight they just had with the dying man.

The white-haired man spoke. "How does it feel dying? Do you feel the pain of the people who suffered from your acts!!!!" He shouted and continued, "Do you now regret being so evil your whole life, harming the people around you?"

"I hate myself for being your sister. If you were never born in our family, we would never have fallen so low!!" One of the three women spoke, who had black hair with blood smeared all over her clothes.

Hearing those words, the dying man's eyes lit up. Even in his dying moments, the killing intent he exuded was so terrifying that the black-haired woman stepped back subconsciously, even forgetting he had no power to even move in his current state. But who can blame her? The man in front of her was the epitome of fear and evil you could have found in this world.

"HAHAHAH hahah *cough* you bunch of hypocrites," said the dying man, barely moving his mouth full of blood with the last of his life force.

"Just leave him. He deserves to die alone, with no one with him in his last moments," said the white-haired man while comforting the black-haired woman.

"Yes, we should leave. We need to handle a lot of work after this. We need to announce that Asher Greville was killed by Kevin so that his credibility will soar and the succession will be much smoother," said the blue-haired woman.

"Ya, you are right. I should not lower myself to even think that I am related to that human," said the black-haired woman who was leaning in the arms of the white-haired man called Kevin.

Soon after this conversation, they left Asher, who was reminiscing his life. He closed his eyes to shut down his thoughts. Even though Asher was not a person who would experience sorrow or regret, if you ever met him in his whole life, you would describe him as indifferent and cold. But he could not help but remember his past and said, "Forgive me. I couldn't keep my promise to you."

He closed his eyes and to begin his eternal slumber in the darkness. Suddenly he saw a blue light with some ancient text on it saying

'Do you want to turn back time my child?'

He couldn't help but laugh and said, "Yes."

'What am I even doing? Have I gone mad from facing death now?' He asked himself with a slight smile on a pale, white face that looked incredibly handsome, even in his dying moments. Suddenly, he saw himself in darkness, and in front of him appeared a blue screen which was hovering in the air and it said:

Fate Devourer System


[Authority :: Deus Time Control (Rank ?!?) used]

[Goddess of Time wishes you the best]

Chapter 1: Storm
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