Chapter 424

“Tell me, what’s the matter?” Ye Hua asked aloud. In fact, he knew what they came for. They wanted to hug his thighs.

Wang Dabao took out a card and put it on the table, “Boss, this is a small greeting present, please accept it.”

Looking at the bank card on the table, Ye Hua felt that the other party was here to show off his wealth.

‘This deity is not without money. This deity is enjoying life. Do you understand? How can ordinary people understand the intentions of this deity, to bribe this deity with dirty money?’

‘Do you really think that the deity is the kind of person who opens one’s eyes wide at the sight of profit?’ [Idiom meaning thinking of nothing but personal gain; money-grubbing.]

“No need.” Ye Hua’s face turned cold.

The husband and wife looked at each other. Wang Dabao couldn’t put the card away.

Qing Yutong hid on the stairs and peeked, ‘What’s the matter? Don’t pretend to act cool. Take us to a feast. I haven’t eaten seafood for a long time.’

‘Thinking about the big lobster, I feel hungry again.’

Bai Cixin took out two Lotus Kings, and said with a slight smile, “Boss, I know you like to smoke, so I bought two.”

This cigarette can be collected. “Put it here.”

As the man in front of them accepted it, it means that at least there was no malice.

“Boss, we have no intention of coming here today as a husband and wife, we just came to visit.” Bai Cixin seemed to be more stable after this ordeal, and she became more cautious.

Just visit the bar to make friends.

“Then your goal has been achieved.” Ye Hua said lightly. Didn’t they just want to visit? They should leave.

Bai Cixin nodded and said with a smile, “Boss, there are more foreigners in the south recently. The bar next to you is also opened by foreigners.”

After speaking, Wang Dabao and Bai Cixin withdrew from the Leisure Bar.

Ye Hua was smoking a cigarette silently. Wei Chang did say that there have been a lot of foreigners recently.

‘They are just people who want to take advantage of him. When the time comes, a big cleanup will be done.’

A week passed quickly and everything was on track.

Wei Chang and Tang Wei continued to work at the Leisure Bar and, of course, the Green and Red Brothers.

Just guarding the empty bar should be difficult for them.

It is worth noting that Jue Tian bought a small mansion. It is really good there. It is very suitable as the base camp of aristocratic families, and it was ready-made.

Rebuilding takes a long time. Ye Hua’s order was that the sooner the better.

After buying the mansion, he changed the name to the Dongfang mansion and then began working.

Everything should go as planned, without the slightest deviation.

Donghuang Li was also sent back to the Voidless Realm. Ye Hua has been a little restless recently. His daughter’s birthday was getting closer, which also showed that the meeting with Qing Ya and Baizhi was getting closer.

He was a little nervous. ‘These two stupid women could make this deity uneasy. It’s amazing.’

“Brother-in-law, can you calm down for a while, Zizi is still doing her homework.” Qing Yutong said helplessly as she walked out of the door.

‘My brother-in-law is really a man who likes face.’

Ye Hua lit a cigarette and went downstairs.

He saw that the bar was deserted, and the waiters stood chatting.

Ye Hua saw Zi Shan as the waitress.

‘These shameless people come for my money.’

‘Believe it or not, I’ll make you all break up.’

Ye Hua quietly stood by and listened to what they were talking about.

Zi Shan “I didn’t expect the lord to be so miserable.”

Ye Hua “…”

“Since the madams came, the business has changed by 180 degrees.” Tang Wei also sighed with emotion. ‘Before the Madams appeared, the business was very good.’

Lu Hong said, “I heard that the bar next door will open tomorrow, and many celebrities have been invited to help out. Even big Hollywood celebrities.”

Yi Hong whispered, “Maybe it can boost our business.”

‘Does the deity still need others’ help?’


Seeing that Ye Hua had suddenly come here, the five started wiping the spotless table.

‘I really don’t have a single person. Do I have to sell my handsomeness to gain popularity?’

Smoking a cigarette, Ye Hua walked out of the bar and turned to look at the bar next to him. There was an oversized poster.

Ye Hua thought that the other party was a poor man, so he opened the store there. It seems that the other party came prepared.

‘This deity will allow you to show your strength.’

‘I will meet you in person tomorrow.’

Walking out of the alley, Ye Hua went out for a walk but found that there were s for Seven Bar all over the street. There were even motorcades advertising it all over the city.

‘Shameless, just relying on stinky money. Don’t make me call my wife back and slap you in the face.’

‘Ha ha.’

~Voidless Realm~

Donghuang Li was jumping around the building. Now everyone knew Donghuang Li, and when they saw her, they respectfully shouted, “Greetings little highness.”

Donghuang Li also seemed very polite. When she saw a man, she called him little brother, and when she saw a woman, she called her little sister. She was trying to flatter them, so they forgot the bad things this little guy did.

“Little Highness, Her Lady Queen has called you back for dinner.” A maid suddenly landed next to Donghuang Li.

Touching her stomach, Donghuang Li hiccupped and murmured, “I have to eat again. It’s better to stay at daddy’s place, I can lose weight.”

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were sitting at the table, talking while waiting for the child to come back.

“Mama, Qing Mama.” Donghuang Li was no longer afraid because her mother no longer blamed her.

Donghuang Baizhi picked up the handkerchief and wiped the sweat on her daughter’s forehead, “Where did you go? You’re sweating profusely.”

“Ah Li is going to leave, she’s all fat.” Donghuang Li pinched her chubby little face, very depressed. ‘Mama’s side has delicious food, while daddy’s side is radish and vegetables.

Qing Ya smiled and said, “When you came back, it seemed like you hadn’t eaten for a few days.”

“Daddy is so pitiful. He saves money every day and eats green vegetables. The business in the store is not good, and there is a bar next to it for competition. Daddy will close down, and then Ah Li will go eat dirt with daddy.” Donghuang Li said pitifully as she looked at the two adults.

Making her father a man who is about to go bankrupt.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were stunned for a moment, ‘Is Ye Hua living such a miserable life?’

Qing Ya thought about it too, ‘He was still using Wei Chang’s salary when I met him.’

“I’m really worried that after daddy goes bankrupt, he will jump into the river to commit suicide.” Donghuang Li said desolately, as if she was about to become an orphan.

Chapter 424
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