Jiang Yang went to his sister's room where she was sleeping with her back facing him where he was standing. He went to her and saw he had her eyes closed, pretending that she was sleeping.

Jiang Yang sat at the edge of the bed and looked at her. He caressed her head and said, "If there is anything that troubles you, you know you can always say it to me."

Jiang Yuyan didn't respond to him and continued closing her eyes.

"Take care," he left, letting her sleep.

She knew, if she talked to him, he would know she was not fine and she would have to tell him everything. About those two men, she will look out for them later personally but now was not the time when everyone was with her.

Jiang Yang went downstairs where no one was there. He asked Jerome, "Where are the others?"

Just then Lu Feng finished his call with Lu Han who had left to return to China just after they finished lunch and left from the hotel itself.

"Lu Han was asking how Yuyan is."

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"Not sure. She was pretending to sleep, that means she is not fine," Jiang Yang spoke.

"We will find out." Lu Feng guided his way towards the office at home where others were present and went to see the video footage from the camera.

"This one has clear audio and other angles of the footage where their faces are clear. The security manager from the hotel had just sent it to me," Jake informed.

Just as they started, they saw Jiang Yuyan was stopped by two men. Just as Xiao Min saw their faces on camera though they were not so clear he could recognise them, "These two…"

Noah paused the video and everyone looked at Xiao Min, "You know them?" Lu Lijun asked.

"The file I have sent you all just now….these two are the ones in that file.." Xiao Min replied in shock and looked at Jiang Yang, "Mr Yang, didn't you recognise them?"

Jiang Yang was staring at the screen as he had a difficult time recognising them but felt like they were familiar. Those young kids were grown up grown up men now.

"What are these bastards doing here?" Jiang Yang cursed and looked at Xiao Min, "Where are they? Are they still in that hotel?" He was ready to get up and looked like would kill them.

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Lu Feng stopped him, "Calm down. They will get what they deserve.

Lu Lijun, who was calm and cold, spoke, "I will take care of it. No one needs to do anything." His eyes stuck on the screen while glaring at those two, he said, "Noah, play the video."

Noah did so and soon they all heard what those two said to Jiang Yuyan. When everyone was feeling angry, Lu Lijun was only calm and heard and saw everything clearly.

Noah and Jake looked at him as they thought if they were feeling this angry to feel like killing those two, then what must their friend be feeling at this moment. The more he was calm, the more he scared the two.

The video stopped at where Lu Lijun came to her. Everyone saw how devastated she looked after how those two talked to her. Everyone saw her on camera as Lu Lijun had seen her in person and he still could not forget her expressions that showed her pain.

There was a sudden silence in that room as everyone just felt speechless and hurt. Jiang Yang's eyes turned moist as he had seen his sister in the worst phase of her life and these two had reminded her of it once again. Was there no end to his sister's pain? Why could he not do anything to help her get rid of that pain? He tried but even if the wounds were healed, scars remained to remind her of it.

Lu Feng put his hand on Jiang Yang's shoulder to console him.

Xiao Min looked at Lu Lijun, "What shall we do? If you want, I can get them in front of you right away," Xiao Min said and inside he was brewing with anger.

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Lu Lijun stood up, "For now I'll go to her."

Without saying anything he left the office room.

"You can bring them to me. This time I'll make sure to shut their filthy mouths forever," Jiang Yang said as he looked at Xiao Min.

Xiao Min didn't reply as he didn't wish Jiang Yang to do anything wrong. Moreover, he wished for Lu Lijun to handle this matter.

Lu Feng calmed him down, "Leave it to Lu Lijun. You have done enough for her. It's his turn to do something for her. And I am sure he knows what to do,"

An Tian , who was silent only while thinking about the whole situation and Jiang Yuyan's mental condition, finally spoke, "Lu Feng is right, Jiang Yang. For now, you have to take care of Yuyan. In such a situation she needs you more than anyone."

Jiang Yang nodded. They stepped out of the office room and Jiang Yang spoke, "I think I should stay with her." He then looked at An Tian, "Do you think she will have those nightmares again?"

"The way those two have affected her, this is highly possible. She is used to keeping everything in her mind so it will come out like this," An Tian agreed.

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Jiang Yang nodded and turned to go upstairs. Though Lu Lijun was with her, he knew what to do if by chance she had nightmares. And if she was awake, he would make her talk and share what she was feeling at this moment. He needed to make her talk instead of locking herself in the darkness of the past.

Just as Jiang Yang climbed a few steps and others were going to leave, they heard a loud scream. It shocked everyone as it was Jiang Yuyan's voice and it came from her room. Lu Lijun was there then what could have happened.

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