Young Master Damien's Pet (WN)
Young Master Damien's Pet (WN)

Young Master Damien's Pet (WN)

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Young Master Damien's Pet (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, and Action genres. Written by the Author ashkn. 762 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


*Slow burn book*

"Who touched you?" he asked, his eyes brooding down at her and when she didn't answer, his voice thundered in the room, "WHO?"

The butler who stood near the wall spoke shakily, "Sir, it was Mr. Reverale," Damien's face turned sour, his jaw ticking in anger he turned his face to the side where the butler stood behind.

"Bring the man here."

"N-now?" stuttered the butler. It was the time of night.

Damien who hadn't broken his eye contact with the girl in front of him, pushed his hand against the wall which now rested beside his beautiful girl's head. Turning his body, he first looked at his butler who had his head bowed. With great courage, the butler came to meet his Master's eyes, "Do you have any other better time? Or should it be after I wring your neck?" Damien asked calmly tilting his head. Not a second later, the butler ran out of the room to return back with Mr. Reverale after twenty minutes.

"Damien, are we having a late tea party?" Mr. Reverale came to greet but the master of the house had other plans. Spotting the knife that was stuck to the apple on the table, he reached for it to pull it out.

Just as Mr. Reverale went to exchange a handshake with him, Damien took hold of his hand to place it on the table. In one swift movement as if he were chopping onions, he chopped the four fingers of the man off his hand making him yelp and cry in pain.

"No one touches what is mine. I am sure this will remind you the next time you even think about touching her," sighed Damien as if he were tired of telling people to keep their dirty hands off his belongings.

Meet Damien Quinn, a pureblooded vampire who is a complete narcissist, brash with his words and stingy even though he is rich who haggled when he bought a slave from the black market.

On the other hand, meet Penelope who believes she is a 'guest' for a few days at the Quinn as she is intent on escaping from the odd vampire who needs therapy.



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  • purplecoat

    Well, this is the 3rd time I read this novel :). the slow burn really hurt, but I keep wanting to know more about how penny ends up with Demian. A well-written story. Damien's narcissism really annoyed me at first. but as the story goes and gets another character pov, now here I am rooting for Damien & Penny couple. first time for ml with these 'types' of characters but duh Damien surely quite charming. I wish there are more side stories about them, but well it's been a good ride. Thanks!

    3 months ago 0 Likes
  • Queen__bee__1400

    Damien is so annoying. Spoiler alert, Penny and Damien marry and have kids in the end

    4 months ago 1 Likes

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I liked it a lot , it was great. Penelope was a naïve-looking but courageous young girl. Damien on the other hand was one charming man and playful person(😍😍My dream guy).
Spoiler Alert
Who would have expected Robarte to be a black witch and Penelope's uncle. I can't steal believe he would want to do something bad to his niece. Grace got what she deserved I wish she died. Penelope's mother should have been burnt alive(evil witch). Penelope is fierce and I wished she discovered she was a wind and water element soon enough.

It was a very good book , five stars.And I have a very picky reader.


Dropped at 652.
The real relationship starts around ch.60~ and they'll become more trusting each other after like 100 more chapters, maybe, I don't really remember. It's been a while I dropped this. I really enjoyed Damien's narcissistic behaviour and sharp tongue btw.
Here are my complaints:
Damien claims he cares for her but after a while, he keeps putting her in constant danger in the name of "becoming stronger" and annoyed the duck out of me... You wouldn't throw your loved ones into the belly of hazard not becoming sure about their safety. Especially if it's a life or death situation.
My second complaint is that I'm sure there is no surprise in the end, the story goes where you expected so I end up losing interest.
All my stars goes into the writing. It's pretty good among the web novels I read but story loses it's appeal eventually.


It's kinda funny how Damien says "I am going to protect you penny but he is the one who puts her in danger Anyways Penelope is a smart girl ,great book


I literally love the book so much!! At 1st the book was kind of slow and I didn't really like Damien, especially with the way he would treat Madeline but as the story progresses then it is definitely a book to check out. The ending is so good and Madeline gets a major character development so I advise the new readers to definitely keep reading ;-)


I like the book!!! Although i dont quiet understand how a character like damien can love penny that much. I guess that is the power of love, isn't it? Kkkk~
I want to read the rest of the books in this series, because those stories share the same universe. So sad those books not available in this site, huhu.
I enjoy the book very much, thank you author-nim!! <3