• An Extra’s POV

    Rank 10 Update 2 days ago

    “Otherworlders… we beg you to save our world from ruin.”.... Rey and his classmates get summoned to another world, and they’re given Skills and Classes based on their limited Karma..... Everyone gets multiple Skills and a decent Class in order to survive the new world..... However, Rey decides to invest all his Karma on a single Skill, leaving him with the weakest Class..... Unknown to everyone, though, he has the potential to be the strongest.

  • SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

    Rank 295 Update 8 days ago

    . Lewis Griffith loved magic ever since he was little, dreaming of the day when he would awaken and become a great 'Mage'. .... However, this dream is shattered upon the discovery that he was inept, unable to form a mana core, and ever utilize magic..... Still, due to his outstanding dedication to the art, he studied magic and developed countless theories and schools. His unique concept revolutionized magic in the world, making him one of the mos...