Can't Take My Eyes Off You (WN)
Chapter 2265: No Rush

"I'm sitting very firmly." Jiang Yao smiled, then pointed at the durian on the table and asked Lu Xingzhi, "When are you going to peel the durian for me?"

Lu Xingzhi looked at her, pursed his lips, and said nothing. Jiang Yao laughed as she approached him. "Remember what you promised me before leaving the hospital."

Jiang Yao had mentioned the durian the previous morning. Lu Xingzhi had asked her big brother to send it over the previous evening. However, she had eaten too much for dinner last night. After going for a walk, she was so sleepy that she went straight to her room to sleep. She had forgotten that there was a durian at home.

Jiang Yao remembered when she saw the durian on the coffee table that morning. An hour after breakfast, Jiang Yao began to consider eating durian.

It would be like pouring water on the table if she said anything. As a result, Lu Xingzhi set the newspaper down and reached out to pick up the durian on the coffee table. Then he began peeling the durian for Jiang Yao.

"My baby's father is so handsome!" Jiang Yao rubbed her stomach and sat there praising Lu Xingzhi. When she saw the corners of his lips curled up slightly, his gaze shifted toward her, and she smiled as she shook her head at him.

How strong was the durian odor? Even Zhou Junmin, who had just walked into the courtyard, could smell it.

It was difficult to put into words. He was sure Jiang Yao had eaten durian again.

Zhou Junmin continued to pinch his nose and walk in. When he got to the door, he noticed Lu Xingzhi peeling durian for Jiang Yao. His heart could not stop sighing. That woman had a lot of power. After all, his colonel was similar to him in the past.

"Junmin is here." Mrs. Jiang was the first to notice Zhou Junmin, who had been standing at the door, dawdling, unable to enter. She immediately stood up and went to the door to summon Zhou Junmin. She turned and went to the kitchen to make tea for their guest.

"Why aren't you training?" Lu Xingzhi did not even look at Zhou Junmin. Every time he saw the empty bottle on the coffee table, he had an impulse to beat Zhou Junmin to death.

"It's almost winter. I have some training matters to look at, Colonel. I am your assistant." Zhou Junmin smiled cunningly. "Colonel, although you have been recuperating recently, you can still make the training schedule, right? After all, your hands can still peel durians, and your brain is not damaged. This matter is very simple for you, Colonel.

"Of course, there is another matter. By the way, Colonel Shao claimed that the bank account transferred from the private detective account was opened with a forged identity card. That account has now been closed as well."

It was the same as saying it was still difficult to figure out Qian Yunen's lackeys. It was not easy to extract teeth from the devil's mouth.

"There's no rush. We have a lot of time to take it slow." Lu Xingzhi's perspective had shifted. He could not rush to apprehend Qian Yunen, so he might as well have Cheng family members keeping an eye on the organization. Furthermore, as long as Jiang Yao left the army base, she would be protected.

There were Big Ke and Ah Lu on the surface, but in the shadows, there were people arranged by Master Cheng.

Big Ke and Ah Lu were not allowed to enter the university, but Master Cheng arranged for two people to protect Jiang Yao.

Only Jiang Yao knew Master Cheng's men were there, but she still did not know who they were.

Chapter 2265: No Rush
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