Can't Take My Eyes Off You (WN)
Chapter 2266: Jiang Lei's Visit

Usually, when there was nothing for them to do, the people arranged by Master Cheng avoided direct contact with Jiang Yao. They would, however, be close to Jiang Yao. They would definitely be able to rush over if something happened to Jiang Yao at university.

"I will put together a training schedule in the coming days. I will call you when I am done, and you can come to get it." When he was talking to Zhou Junmin, Lu Xingzhi ignored the movements of his hands. He had already opened the entire durian when he said that. However, Lu Xingzhi was troubled for a few seconds after looking at the durian flesh still stuck inside.

The aroma of durian quickly filled the entire house. Zhou Junmin's brows twitched a few times. Zhou Junmin wanted to ask how long it would take, but when he raised his eyes and saw Lu Xingzhi looking at him, an alarm went off in his mind. He quickly changed his words. "I got it. I still have work to do. I will take my leave!"

He had already slipped away and left as soon as he finished speaking.

Mrs. Jiang could not find him when she came out with the cup of water. She returned the cup of water to the kitchen, muttering about how Zhou Junmin had left so quickly. Jiang Yao was already eating happily on the sofa when she returned.

Lu Xingzhi did not spend his busy days outside. Jiang Yao had been busy too. Mrs. Jiang was there for her when she missed her family, and Lu Xingzhi was there for her when she missed him. Every day, all she had to do was eat, sleep, and take care of herself so she did not get sick.

Perhaps it was because he felt guilty, Lu Xingzhi had become more tolerant of her. It was clear from the way he gradually gave her durian to eat with a calm expression.

Lu Xingzhi's ability to recover had always been strong. Furthermore, he had been keeping a close eye on her every day. He could move around a little more in about ten days. He would be able to accompany Jiang Yao for a walk in the army base every night after dinner. Jiang Yao's stomach was also expanding at a rapid pace. Her baby was moving more frequently, and the baby's strength was growing stronger as well.

When Lu Xingzhi first saw the baby's fist-like bump in Jiang Yao's belly, he was so taken aback that he forgot to blink. Then he rested his hand on that spot for the rest of the night. He was waiting for the baby to stretch again so that he could feel it.

However, the baby seemed to like going against Lu Xingzhi. The baby had been quiet on most nights. Sometimes, he would move a few times. However, he was unusually quiet that night.

When Jiang Lei finally had time to go to the army base to see his sister, he was surprised to see that she was fatter than the last time he saw her a few months ago. His jaw almost fell out.

"What did you feed her, Mom?" That was the first thing Jiang Lei said when he saw Jiang Yao. Before he could say anything else, he turned his head and asked Mrs. Jiang, who was standing at the side.

Jiang Yao punched Jiang Lei on the shoulder. "Stop talking! Stop talking!"

Jiang Yao's weight had become uncontrollable. She had been eating and sleeping a lot. Every two days, her weight fluctuated. The medical examination revealed that the baby was developing normally and was not too big. Therefore, she could continue eating and drinking for another month or two.

Chapter 2266: Jiang Lei's Visit
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