Divine Path System
Chapter 859: Fighting Together

"He is much stronger than me. He is a high level 9. A new high level 9 though. Otherwise, I would've long lost. I don't know if this method will really work." Enigma said as she teleported onto a hill alongside Sarah and Varian.

"Won't know if we don't try," Sarah waved her hand as she reinforced the invisible 'light' shield around them.

The area at the base of the hill they were on was filled with many plants and trees. They're the eyes and ears of the Despair Abyss.

Enigma usually had to use her darkness powers to hide her presence from them. But now, Sarah was using her light powers to do the same.

For the plants and trees on the ground, there was no person on the hill. The light shield around the trio granted them invisibility of sorts. Even the aura was bounced back within the shield and not leaked.

It's not omnipotent, of course. If the strength difference got too high, the enemy could find them. Moreover, Sarah wasn't completely proficient in the usage of her powers.

But for these weak plants and trees between level 1 and level 6, her concealment was more than enough.

As the trio sneakily teleported, they felt strong winds and shockwaves. The soil was blown away, the mountains were broken down, and even the rivers changed course under these insane shockwaves.

Far in the distance, two silhouettes in the sky continued to blur and with each exchange, a new shockwave shot out in all directions.

The forest land five hundred miles around them was destroyed, even the land was cracked like a cobweb and the mountains were all but flattened.

Sarah's expression turned serious after observing the Sovereign battle. She had reached level 9 at last. But it seemed that the journey was still long.

Varian patted Sarah's back and the trio silently teleported to the remains of World Tree.

This time, Enigma used her darkness powers to create a concealment shield and superposed it on Sarah's light concealment shield.

Thanks to that, the Undead who was currently gathering all the dead bodies into a pit didn't notice their presence.

'Once he sucks the energy from all those dead bodies, the chances of our plan will be near zero!' Varian said.

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Enigma frowned and said. "I can suppress him with my darkness, mind, and gravity powers. I'm confident I can bring him to the powers of a mid level 9. But the price of that is I won't be able to do anything else. Once I stop using any of my powers on him, his strength will rebound."

Sarah gave a wry smile. "I can use Light and suppress him further. But he'll still be a strong low level 9. If I add up my Time powers, I can slow him down, but the problem is that the more powerful an opponent is, the less effect my time powers will have on them.

So, even if I use both Light and Time powers, his strength, defense, and stamina will still be around a low level 9. But his speed will be slower than a low level 9, though still faster than any level 8.

And since I'm still adapting, using these two powers would need my full focus. So, I can't do anything else in the battle either."

Varian listened to their explanations and got a rough understanding of the challenge he was going to face.

An opponent stronger than any level 8 but weaker than level 9s.

Besides, there was a hidden danger in fighting with the Undead.

"That black energy is draining vitality. You have to be careful." Enigma sighed.

"Don't worry. My plantae powers aren't for show." Varian grinned. He had seen the black energy on Enigma and observed its prowess.

If it's from a high level 9, he wouldn't be able to resist. But if it's just from low level 9, Varian was more than confident in his healing powers.

Unlike other people's plantae powers, his offensive powers were extremely weak. That's the reason why Varian wouldn't use his plantae powers for attack normally. Except for the above-average defense, even the speed was terrible.

But all these negatives were overcompensated into a single big positive.

Vitality! Huge vitality!

That's why Varian was confident to confront the Abyssal and remain standing.

Besides, if this plan had to succeed, he should be the one to fight. Any other combination simply didn't have a chance.

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"Let's go," Varian said and teleported.

"He nearly killed you. Let's kick his ass." Sarah smiled and removed the shield.

The Undead looked up and saw a new human in surprise. "This aura! It's you! You saved that bitch!"

"Correct answer." Sarah smiled and waved her hand. "Here's your reward."

A beam of light reached the Undead before he could even react and enveloped his body like skin armor.

The Undead's 'death' energy was forcibly suppressed and his divine paths, albeit temporary, regressed.

"You bitch! I'll rip your limbs!" The Undead kicked the ground and reduced the distance between them in half.

Even under suppression, he's still much stronger than her.

Sarah's expression turned grave as she realized the type of monster Varian was going to face.

Without hesitation, she used her time power.

The Undead felt that his speed was normal, but for some reason, he was taking longer than needed to reach Sarah!

"No matter, you can't escape!" The Undead kept chasing.

To Sarah's horror, even the Undead's slowed-down speed was still much higher than her normal speed!

He'd reach her in a blink!

But she's already focusing her two powers and if she retreated now, that'd break her focus and bring him back to his normal powers. If that happened, she'd be killed in a flash.

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When the Undead was just a few hundred meters away from Sarah, a cold voice rang in his ears. "You have a short memory, Zombie."

A cloud of darkness enveloped the Undead and wrapped him like a body suit. With this, his divine paths regressed further.

At the same time, his body started to repel him as a psychic power started to attack his mind.

While this happened, his movements got harder due to the heavy gravity imposed on him.

Yet, even with all these restrictions, the Abyssal reached Sarah in a second and raised his fist to punch her down.

Beads of sweat rolled down Sarah's forehead as she maintained her focus on her two powers even while the Undead inched closer.

If she failed now, then the plan would fall apart. So, even though death was just a blink away, Sarah stood her ground.

In the distance, Enigma observed the Undead and realized he was looking out for sneak attacks.

After being nearly killed by a needle, it seemed that he learned his lesson.

'Varian, a sneak attack won't work. His guard is up.'

'Tch. Why is a zombie so smart?' Varian gave up his sneak attack plan and locked his space in front of Sarah.

"Haha! It's over! In trying to suppress me, you put yourself in a deadlock." The Undead let out a roaring laugh and punched at Sarah.

Sarah smirked when the menacing fist reached her. Because—

Varian appeared and punched out.

The two fists clashed against each other and a powerful shockwave shot out in all directions, raising dust and cracking the ground.

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