God of Tricksters
Chapter 1670: Trying to Reason

"This kind of power can only come from a Saint!"

That statement shocked them completely. After all, they never expected the enemy to be a Saint this time. Even if they were a King Class Monster, only one King Class Monster whose strength was similar to the Dark King was able to stall him.

The Dark King himself had some confidence in stopping the Frost Saint for a while because of his unique ability, but Theo's ability was even more unique than the Dark King's.

There was no way this King Class Monster could stop Theo by himself.

Theo didn't let them think about it as he immediately leaped toward the King Class Monster he'd injured earlier.

"Not good! Run!" The ape shouted while jumping toward Theo. "I'm going to stall him as long as possible. The rest of you are to run away and inform the saint about this guy!"

Theo glanced at him for a split second before focusing on the injured monster first.

The injured monster gathered all its strength in its mouth and released a beam, trying to shoot him down.

Theo placed his hand in front, planning to block this beam with his hand. But surprisingly, the moment the beam touched his hand, the beam turned into butterflies.

After that, Theo used his Alter Ego to move at speed they'd never seen before to the point it looked like he had disappeared.

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"!!!" The ape, who was watching them from afar, could clearly see Theo suddenly appearing in front of the injured monster. The latter let out a roar filled with Magic Power, trying to push Theo back even for a split second so that he could leap back.

However, Theo used his Thunderclap Fist to send a shock wave that neutralized his enemy's power. He then kicked the monster's head downwards, pinning him on the ground.

The King Class Monster wouldn't go down without a fight. It released another burst of Magic Power.

"!!!" Theo's senses suddenly went numb due to this weird power. At the same time, numerous monsters around the area were roaring as if trying to help them.

"..." Theo narrowed his eyes and hurriedly stabbed the King Class Monster's body, only to be blocked by an extraordinary amount of Magic Power. It seemed that the King Class Monster was using all his energy to stop this normal stab, giving him one more second to live.

And that one second was enough for the ape to reach him.

"Smash!" The ape roared and punched Theo.

Theo used his Thunderclap Fist to contain this fist, but surprisingly, the punch generated a mysterious force around his body, launching him away.

"Mhm?" Theo was amused with this weird power.

The ape punched again, but this time, he struck the air with all his strength. "Smash!"

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Surprisingly, a crack appeared in the air itself. And a part of the crack shattered, opening a void inside the air.

"Hoh? He opened a void with his punch?" Theo was amused because he had learned a bit about the Space Affinity from Lorenzo. He knew that the void could lead them anywhere. Unless there was a Space Element user leading you, it was best not to go into this void.

At the same time, Theo also knew how to solve this problem.

Before the ape could throw the injured monster into this void, Theo formed numerous threads around his fingertips. He saw this technique from his adopted brother Edward and former teammate Sihan.

With his Authority, he imbued these threads with a Space Element.

When he launched these threads, they wrapped the void and stitched them.

"What?" The ape widened his eyes in shock, never expecting to see someone who could close the void when he wasn't even a Space Element user.

Theo hurriedly jumped toward them, planning to take on this ape.

The ape threw his companion back while punching Theo. This time, the void opened before his punch was connected and another portal appeared on top of Theo as the ape's fist appeared, planning to knock Theo down.

Theo Irregular Guardian appeared on top of him, blocking this attack.

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Seeing the attack fail, he created another portal in front of him, trying to catch Theo.

However, Theo used his Blink to slip past his defense and hit the ape from the back.

"Gah! A Space Element user too?" The ape gritted his teeth as he rolled on the ground after getting launched by Theo's punch.

"I don't want to be a hypocrite. I hate when people oppress me when I'm weak, and this makes me look like I'm doing the same thing when I've become strong. That's why I don't like bullying the weak when they're not my enemies and right now, I'm here for a single reason.

"It's to acquire something that should be somewhere in your territory. It's a structure that can repel other creatures.

"This is not a robbery. I know that you can't use it anyway, so why don't you give it to me?" Theo said. He had made his intention clear like when he fought against the dead King Class Monster.

He had tried to reason, but the latter didn't want to believe him and continued to attack him. Even Theo had considered him an enemy and killed him.

He wanted to see whether these two were able to reason or not, considering they had enough intelligence to make such a decision.

"A structure that could repel other creatures except for humans?" The ape gasped as if he remembered something.

"Hoh? It seems that you know about it." Theo smiled, finally getting what he wanted. "As long as I can get it, I'll leave. I will even compensate you with some sort of agreement between the monsters and humans. This way, you can still live in this area without any disturbance."

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Before the ape could say anything, a huge scorpion was rushing toward them with its stinger, shooting forth poison.

"How dare you kill my people!"

"!!!" Theo widened his eyes, jumping back to avoid the poison. He furrowed his eyebrows, finding another unreasonable monster.

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