God of Tricksters
Chapter 1669: King Class Monster

Four days ago.

Theo was standing on top of numerous corpses. His hands were covered in blood as he was about to kill the last monster, which turned out to be a King Class Monster.

"What have we done to be killed by you?" The King Class Monster glared at him.

"Just like what happened to the humans here. We're not allies or whatever, so there's no reason for me not to kill you." Theo narrowed his eyes. "Besides, I was simply searching for something first before you attacked me."

The King Class Monster gritted his teeth. He looked unwilling, but Theo had severed his neck, killing him.

With this, a King Class Monster had fallen in his hands.

"Huu…" Theo let out a long sigh. The fact the King Class Monster was on the move meant his movement had reached the saint's ears.

He had asked the monsters to exchange some information, but the monsters attacked him immediately, fully knowing he was a strong opponent.

So, he had no choice other than to kill him.

"Well, I guess I'm still in the wrong. These Low Level Monsters who didn't know anything were chasing me, so I had no choice but to kill them. They were like the normal citizens in the base, so there was no way they would be welcoming after knowing I had killed their people." Theo sighed, admitting his own fault.

"Still, now that I've killed one of the King Class Monsters here, this is going to be extremely dangerous, considering the Saint is probably going to move."

Theo thought for a moment and muttered, "If that's the case, should I fight the World Class Monster right now? I know for sure the enemies from the sea are planning to send a World Class Monster. So, I have to try killing one first to get some assurance…"

Theo was contemplating.

On the one hand, he wanted to test the real strength of the World Class Monster. On the other hand, he didn't know whether he could do it or not. If he failed in killing the World Class Monster, the latter would surely attack the base.

He might even join hands with those sea creatures, putting them in a more difficult position.

"…" Theo contemplated for a while before sighing. "I guess there is only one plan that allows me to kill a World Class Monster…"

Theo looked at the sky and smiled. "An attrition warfare."

With that thought in mind, Theo hurriedly hid somewhere and sent his clone to pick a fight against the World Class Monster.

Of course, he didn't need to go there immediately. Instead, he was waiting near the King Class Monster's corpse he had killed earlier.

As he predicted, the fact that the Friend Seal's disappearance caused the disturbance from the World Class Monster.

The World Class Monster residing in Mexico was called Silver Stinger. Just like the name implied, this scorpion could destroy everything with its silver-colored stinger that wasn't only hard but also released an extraordinary poison.

When Theo killed one of his subordinates, the World Class Monster sensed the energy disappearance from the Friend Seal and widened his eyes in shock. "This is…"

His anger soared through the roof while shouting, "Who… Who dares to kill my people!"

That anger was felt and his voice was heard. Three King Class Monsters appeared next to him to understand their situation.

"Saint. What's wrong?" One of the King Class Monsters asked with a worried expression.

"There is someone who dares to kill the claw."

"Claw?!" They widened their eyes. Their King called them by their Orders and the Claw was sent earlier to check the situation when there was a report about movements in the northwest.

They instantly realized there was someone who was planning to threaten their sovereign.

"This is… Then, we should go!" The King Class Monsters looked at each other and exchanged nods. They realized they had to go together to check this opponent. At the very least, they should have enough power to retreat.

"Call everyone and head there to check the enemies!" The World Class Monster nodded, giving his approval. He was frowning, wondering whether there was someone foolish enough to challenge a Saint like him.

Meanwhile, Clone Theo was enjoying his waiting time, knowing this was his chance to kill the World Class Monster.

Unbeknownst to both of them, there were actually people who were about to reach their place from the south. They weren't that far from reaching Mexico, with many people to boot.

Theo closed his eyes for a few hours before feeling a presence coming toward his place.

"A human?"

"How dare you kill our people!"

Theo opened his eyes while saying, "I'm seeking something. If you just give me the information, then I don't have to kill you. However, it seems that the discord has been sown, so if you want to fight, then I shall entertain you."

There were six King Class Monsters standing before him.

"Do you think we're afraid of you?" One of the King Class Monsters roared while stepping forward. The others were waiting for him to act to measure the enemy's strength, but they were completely shocked when they saw Theo's power.

Theo's body was shrouded by golden Magic Power as he waved his blade.

Suddenly, the King Class Monster's paw was severed, causing the King Class Monster to fall down.

"This is…" They were shocked, while the one who experienced it was scared. They had never seen an ability like this, but this ability turned out to be an illusion.

He tried to cover the wound with his Magic Power, but it ended up moving toward the rest of his paw, breaking the illusion.

However, Theo's Authority had made that wound a reality. Although it wasn't fully cut, the wound was severe.

Even the King Class Monster could only raise his leg, seeing his paw hanging. If he made a sudden movement or someone tried to rip it apart, the paw would fall down.

"He is… not a King like us. This kind of power can only come from a Saint!"

Chapter 1669: King Class Monster
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