Guild Wars
Chapter 80: The Party Of Three

Draco coalesced into the world of Boundless once again, his form blurry and poorly rendered. Before he could wonder what the hell was happening, he saw a screen pop-up before him.

「Congratulations on unlocking: Unique Bloodline (Dragon, Demon, Angel)


Bloodline compatibility

Genetic compatibility

Note: A few minutes are required to reconfigure your character」

Draco's mind stilled when he saw this screen because he understood it extremely well. Bloodline compatibility meant that he could gain skills that would normally be barred to him, but were aligned with his bloodline.

For example, without items like the Dragorugio set, one could not learn Draconic skills, no matter how much flame mastery they had. However, as long as Draco could find skill books for Draconic skills, he could learn them with no other requirement.

Same thing went for Dark Angel and Demonic skills.

Bloodline techniques weren't buffed or nerfed in anyway. Any Lineage member could use bloodline techniques in Boundless, but to get Bloodline Compatibility… it was only until update 5 came out, according to Eva.

Genetic Compatibility though, was why Draco's heart almost stopped. This was a general addition that update 5 was supposed to bring as well as what it was notorious for: the ability to create offspring!

The reason why it was held off until update 5 was because the Virtua Helmets could not register genetic code. They could only connect with the brain's sensory centers to transmit sensory information from Boundless directly.

However, the game pods fixed this issue. Since the whole body would be submerged in nanobots that would keep the body healthy and perfect, the AI was able record every bit of one's genetic code and make one's digital body emulate it.

For Draco to have this ability when the pods weren't out yet, there was only one possibility.

The AI had collected his blood and tissue samples when his body had been re-constructed by his bloodline. His mind had been 'dead' and his bloodline was too busy transforming him to care.

That was why he had both Bloodline and Genetic Compatibility this early compared to everyone else but…

Draco was a bit hesitant. Creating offspring was fine and dandy, but that was something he had planned for the far future. Even the recent breeding slave he captured, June, was only going to carry offspring within Boundless.

Draco had no plans to share his seed in the real world with anyone other than Eva, but in the game world, he planned to build a huge clan with a mixture of the Lucifer bloodline and various other racial bloodlines that existed in Boundless.

Although they would be far weaker than anything Draco and Eva could create, they would still possess a plethora of unique abilities that would give them the edge over others.

Draco's body suddenly became solid and he felt his bloodline connect. His digital body had been rebuilt to match his real one, although the process thankfully required no pain or long process.

As his body changed, so too did his fusion items, as well as one other.

The first thing was the Dragorugio set. The dragon's head carving on the chest plate's eyes flashed with a bright red brilliance as it vibrated so vigorously that a metallic keen echoed around the area.

A dragon's roar erupted from Draco's body, as the black mass that permeated his body merged with the armor. The dark blue armor set slowly became black and the red light in the dragon's head carving became dark and abyssal.

The set retained its other aesthetics though, but its stats changed drastically.

「Dragorugio – One handed sword (Optimal)(Infused)

Rank: Epic (Evolvable)

Atk spd: 100

Dmg: 10000

Effect: Fire mastery MAX, Darkness mastery MAX」

「Dragorugio – Chest Plate (Optimal)(Infused)

Rank: Epic (Evolvable)

Def: 50000

Effect: Fire resistance MAX, Darkness resistance MAX」

「Dragorugio – Pauldrons (2) (Optimal)(Infused)

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Rank: Epic (Evolvable)

Def: 30000

Effect: Fire resistance MAX, Darkness resistance MAX」

「Dragorugio – Arm Guards (2) (Optimal)(Infused)

Rank: Epic (Evolvable)

Def: 30000

Effect: Fire resistance MAX, Darkness resistance MAX」

「Dragorugio – Knee Guards (2) (Optimal)(Infused)

Rank: Epic (Evolvable)

Def: 30000

Effect: Fire resistance MAX, Darkness resistance MAX」

(Author's note: The Dragorugio cloak has been removed because I realized I foolishly forgot to account for the Herald's cloak, creating a fashion conflict. It will be replaced with a new part soon.)

「Dragorugio – Set Equipment (5 piece) (Optimal)(Infused)

Rank: Epic (Evolvable)


- With 2 pieces equipped: Grant the passive skill 'Black Dragon's Heritage'

- With 3 pieces equipped: +15000 HP

- With 4 pieces equipped: +1000 MP

- With 5 pieces equipped: Grant the active skill 'Black Dragon's Roar'」

「Black Dragon's Heritage – Passive skill

100% source energy of a Supreme ranked Black Dragon」

「Black Dragon's Roar – Active skill

Effect: Send out a soundwave containing elements of destruction that deals 30n damage (Where n is total attack damage) over a distance of 1n (Where n is range of sight).

Note: Due to inherent destruction elements, this attack has a 60% chance to disintegrate targets and negate drops. Cannot be used on players.

Cooldown: 1 hour」

Draco felt a strong connection emerge between himself and the Dragorugio set. It felt less like separate armor and more like the scales of his Draconic skin. To that end, he realized that he could actually manipulate the armor in anyway he wanted.

If he removed the armor and gave it a sword, it could even fight autonomously, though he would have to really strain his mind to control two things at once.

He could also retract it into his skin, no longer needing to remove it to go to the bath or for any other thing he needed to do while n.a.k.e.d. That was what made him the most pleased.

After that came the response from the Dragon Soul. The fellow had been in the limbo of nonexistence since Draco had logged out, to which the Dragon Soul felt like it had been asleep.

When the Dragon Soul 'woke up', it noticed that things were different. It looked around with alarm, wondering what the hell had happened this time, when a long and heavy breath of warm wind hit his back softly.

The Dragon Soul stiffened and felt its heart enter its anus as it turned around slowly. Behind it, towering over it, was a huge Black Dragon that was watching it with haughtiness and disdain.

The Dragon Soul experienced the epitome of fear and wonderment in that moment. In later interviews with the press, the Dragon Soul would recount its horror in that moment vividly.


One should not forget, this Dragon Soul could adapt to almost anything!

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Seeing that the Black Dragon had been released, the fellow respectfully greeted him.

"Haha, Big Brother Blackie is truly heaven blessed! You have finally been freed from those dastardly shackles! This Little Brother can only sigh in amazement and wonderment at your skill and expertise."

The Black Dragon just watched the Dragon Soul fool around with amus.e.m.e.nt.

It turned to view the Divine Eyes of Caelo, which were quietly bobbing in Draco's digital soul. Unlike before where it seemed to possess its own life and will, now it was just an item.

At this point, even the biggest fool could tell that the AI only used the Divine Eyes of Caelo as a means to unlock Draco's Bloodline. Now that the job had been completed, the item had returned to its natural state.

The final item to be altered due to the bloodline release was Guinevere's Necklace. It changed from the bling Draco had paid for into a medallion of a Dragon's head.

「Guinevere's Necklace – Ornamental Item(Infused)

Rank: Epic

Passive 1 – Regeneration: Possessing some of Guinevere's aura, as well as the aura of the Black Dragon, this item increases health, mana and stamina regeneration by 50%.

Active 1 – On Glory's Wings: Activating this skill allows the user to summon the Knights of the Round Table to fight for him for 1 hour. Cooldown: 7 days.

Note 1: Knights will be mounted on High Rank Dragons.

Note 2: Knights will possess a rank of the player's + 3. Maximum Rank increase is capped at Rank 5.

Further abilities can be unlocked by sacrificing experience points. 21,200% of 30,000% needed to upgrade to legendary rank」

Draco was satisfied with his increases. Everything that was draconic on him had been attuned to his bloodline, giving them nice boosts as well as a higher compatibility with himself.

If he could find Angelic or Demonic items, they might also receive special boosts.

Draco noticed that he was still in the tent for guests that he was sharing with Qiong Qi. The Lion himself was still fast asleep, and if Draco hadn't been sure that he had spent more than 30 hours in the real world, he would have thought time had frozen while he was away.

30 hours in the real world meant that 120 hours had passed in Boundless, which was exactly 5 days. 5 days were enough for a few things to happen while he was away, so now he needed to resume his quest by finding out if any new developments occurred.

On that note, Draco kicked Qiong Qi awake. The Lion looked like he would rather go back to sleep, so Draco had to expend effort to get him up.

"F.u.c.k, This Cat Daddy was dreaming about bathing in milk while nibbling on fish. Which demonic beast disturbed my rest?"

Qiong Qi grumbled with dissatisfaction. If the person who woke him up didn't have a good reason, they shouldn't blame him for devising a malicious plan to play them to death!

"It's me. Let's get moving."

Draco ignored Qiong Qi's complaint and began to move out.

Like that, the man and lion steadily walked towards Vadoma's tent. Draco noticed that the presence of people within the village had sharply reduced, as if they were too scared to come out.

Those who were up and about were mostly guards, whose numbers had increased drastically from before. One could easily distinguish the new from the old with the way these newbies handled themselves.

Clearly, the danger level of this quest spiked when he was away.

Draco entered Vadoma's tent to see her and Roma speaking quietly about something or the other.

When they saw him enter, they were both surprised and then joyful, especially the beautiful and demure Roma. Her caramel skin glistened with a light glow and her long blue-green hair swished about like a tail behind her as she rushed in Draco's embrace.


Her voice was a bit accented, making her sound a little Caribbean, but it added a unique lilt that sounded pleasing to Draco. From her looks, to her lovely and honest personality, to her extremely clean and pretty train of thought, Draco found that he really like Roma.

(Author's note: Essentially, she sounds a little Jamaican, with that kind of accent.)

She was the type of simple wife every man could only kowtow to. Only those immoral beasts would treat such lovely women improperly, but thankfully, Draco could appreciate such a pure trait.

He gently stroked her silky hair and spoke into her ear. "Have you been okay while I was away?"

Roma placed her head onto his chest and smiled like a little girl hugging her big brother. "A little lonely, but I'm okay now that you're here."

Vadoma rose from her seat with a slight smile. It seemed like over the days, she and Roma had dealt with their issues and she had come to terms with the social effects of the Soul Bond.

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"It's good to have you back, Mr.Draco. A lot has happened while you were in the World of the Gods." Vadoma said, her tone light and accommodating.

Draco nodded and sat down. Roma stood behind him with her arms clasped before her, like a servant waiting on their master. Qiong Qi moved to Draco's side and sat on his haunches, a look of boredom on his face as his tail swished about.

"Update me then."

Draco placed his right arm on the table while he sat extremely casually in his seat.

Vadoma sighed and began.

"The rate of infection had climbed so rapidly that we can no longer leave our territory. All the of wildlife have become possessed, as well as majority of the monsters. The plant life has become hostile as well, rendering us totally helpless."

"Unique variant monsters have come into being because of this and they are ten times stronger than their normal selves at each Rank. We cannot contend with them at our best, and I can only protect my people if they stay within a certain range."

Draco and Qiong Qi became alert at this point. Variant monsters were known to both of them, Qiong Qi through his high Rank and Draco through his reincarnation.

Variant monsters were a unique version of a normal monster that came about through genetic mutation, bloodline mixing or artificial circ.u.mstances. It made what was once simple become complex as well as difficult.

For example, the Private Rank Bears from the Ursa's cave were normal monsters. A variant would the Rabid Dire Bear, which had insane defense, magical abilities and complete pain resistance.

What would have once been easy to subdue suddenly became a life-and-death fight, these were variant monsters. This was even a simple example, some variants would become so overpowered that even Draco would have to flee like a rat.

That was why Draco and Qiong Qi became alert. If a Rank 7 variant monster appeared, Qiong Qi would have to expend 110% effort to subdue it. Killing it was a big question mark, and would depend on the circ.u.mstances.

"What types of variants are there?" Draco asked solemnly.

"We've encountered a species called the Fire Ox, who are cattle with immense fire resistance and can use fire magic to assault us. There are the Tentacled Canines, which are black-furred wolves that have 8 tentacles growing from their sides. Each of these tentacles can act autonomously, possessing different abilities."

"This is but the tip of the iceberg. I assume the Wood Elves and those Orcs are facing a lot worse."

Vadoma spoke with downcast eyes. The situation was becoming dire as entities like herself and the Elf King could not act, otherwise a snap of their fingers would resolve everything.

Draco tapped the edge of the table slowly, his eyes closed and his face rigid. Qiong Qi had a thoughtful expression on his face. Roma just stared at Draco all the while, a slight smile and a slight blush on her face.

This girl… pay a little attention would you? There is plenty of time for high-school level romance later.

Draco's eyes opened sharply and a glint of resolve flashed in them. He had analyzed his chances of getting a perfect completion for this quest, and it was a solid 70%.

It could never be 100% because even with all Draco acquired, there was nothing that stated that he wouldn't encounter Rank 4 and above powers. With his boons, he could contend with a Rank 2 entity and mutually destroy each other at worst, or win by a stroke of luck at best.

Against a Rank 3 entity, the best he could do was guarantee his dog life as he fled like a coward. Anything above that was no different from being under the foot of a human as an ant.

He would be crushed.

Still, the AI shouldn't be so unreasonable. Despite being on his side, it was only towards the real world. In terms of in-game aspects, the AI had been largely impartial so far.

Even without that, the AI was fair and logical. The worst Draco should face would be Rank 3 enemies, especially since his Omega had been nuked.

But at this stage of the quest, it was too early for that to occur. They were only at the late early stage. After he visited the Dryads, they should move onto the early middle stage and things should heat up from there.

Thinking along those lines, Draco stood up and began to leave the tent. Qiong Qi had seen the sharp glint in his eye, so he followed him quietly. Roma also did same without a change of expression.

Vadoma watched Draco leave with an inscrutable expression. She could not move at this time, so this was not her battle. This was something her clansmen and Draco had to resolve on their own.

Even Qiong Qi wouldn't necessarily act. The AI planted him as a sort of crutch for the player, in this scenario, Draco, in case they fell out with entities like Vadoma or the Elf King, so that they could be protected somewhat.

Against foes that were within the player's capability, such a character would not be allowed to act.

Of course, this was the meta-reason. The in-game reason was that Qiong Qi fearful of being captured by his father again, especially since the Elf King was awake.

If he were forced to make a move, he would suppress his energy to something as low as Draco's level in order to mask his presence.

Otherwise, would a dignified World Boss need to masquerade as a common Savannah Lion?

The party exited the village and came to the grasslands. As far as the eye could see, there were hectic battles going on between the monsters and the plant life. Fire Oxes fought huge Ents, Tentacle Wolves battled with Living Vines and even more species in the mix.

It was hellish and chaotic. Fires raged about due to the abilities of the Ox monsters, harming both the Tentacle Wolves and the various plant life while the Fire Oxes continued to flourish.

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However, compared to the others, their numbers were far too little to cover the whole area or make a difference.

Draco observed this quietly and began to walk forward calmly, his steps heavy and with purpose. His momentum began to build as an aura of evil and slaughter erupted from him, forming a blackish miasma that curled around his body.

Coupled with his pitch black armor and his dark hair, he looked like a devil incarnate.

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