Kill the Sun
Kill the Sun

Kill the Sun

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Kill the Sun novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Warmaisach. 328 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Earth, thousands of years after the apocalypse.

Countless technologies and advances had been lost to time as the Specters, horrifying beings with terrifying powers, arrived and destroyed the world.

Over the coming thousands of years, humanity had built itself up but always died again.

Nobody remembers the past.

Nobody remembers what humanity had once accomplished.

Now, everyone is living in a world where the Specters reign supreme.


A boy with amnesia woke up in the middle of the Dregs, the worst part of Crimson Fungus City.

The boy grows up and manages to become strong enough to pass an exam for one of the most prestigious jobs in existence, a Zephyx Extractor, someone that can harvest the powers of Specters.

Sadly, he had already gained a power from a Specter in the past, which made him ineligible for the position.

But then, a mysterious man visits him.

And his luck finally turns around.

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  • Rarr 2

    christ i see so many comments regarding what just happpened, in this place can yall just have common f*ck*ng decency thats not something you say on the introductory page of a novel it an important plot point what dont you understand. Dont put everclear in front of babies and tell them not to drink. the spoiler tag is useless with something that big

    • Zephhhyr 10

      Well bro u were right my comment got deleted xd

      Edited: 1h~
  • WEAVER_The_GOAT 10

    no romance tag deymn

    Edited: 8h
  • NocturnalEdgeLord 3

    Nick just killed Wyntor as if he were nobody. It appears that Nick's character development has disappeared, as if the author intends for Nick to become Shang 2.0.

  • Gecco 6

    Does anyone know Warmaisachs patron? i wanna see the prices for the extra chapter especially after todays drop

    • Rarr 2

      i think he only has webnovel priviledge sadly but its like 12 chapters ahea or more

  • Alreaper 1

    Is this related to swordgod in a world of magic

  • AMN3333 2

    After reading recent chapters, I think they should also put Righteous and selfless protagonist tag to the novel as well🥰🥰🥰

  • Sky_Blaze 3

    Can anyone brief me on what the story is about and about the power system?

  • Nirmam 11

    After 60+ review it still 5.0 rating... D*mn

    • Traktor_reaktor 14

      Because they bully and mass report anyone who puts anything other than 4 or 5 stars

  • nevo0102 1

    I’m just in complete shock from what I read, it’s hard for me to perceive it now, I like the main characters like him, but what he did still fascinates me

  • Bossman 8

    I hope very much dearly that nick dies at the end of all this,never have I ever hopped for an MC to die since I read chap 327

    Edited: 1d~
    • Zephhhyr 10

      Exactly tbh it ruined novel kinda for me, author said that this mc will be different but so far he takes same steps as shang

      Edited: 21h
    • Linji 11

      I understand after this chapter I no longer have any pity for him

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