Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System
Chapter 402: Mana Signatures

"They may be experimenting." The lich king spoke up. He folded his hands in his lap and let out a long sigh. "He originally came here to try to allow my kind and the living to get along but look what happened. He used them, and in the end….. I do apologize for this. And I do not blame you for their deaths. As you can see, even now we are fighting our own."

"Experimenting huh?" I frowned. If that was the case, then what if he found a more powerful race? One that is strong enough to take over the entire world with little effort but not strong enough to resist the parasites…. If I had only pushed Trinity for more answers, then maybe…. "Do you know which race on this planet is the strongest even if they are in seclusion?"

"The strongest? Besides the dragons…. I would say the one stronger than them might not exist anymore. At one point, there was a race of beings that were known as the Nolights. They were named that because they hid in the darkness. They did not come out during the day and only walked around at night. They were just like you humans, only they were long lived and had magic powers stronger than dragons. But they were a race that was closed off. I only know this because I have met them myself once and was even almost killed by them. I took my everything to escape. But if these Nolights were to be taken over then we might not have any chance of survival." The lich king answered.

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I never knew of such a race on this planet. So this was a first for me. But what concerned me was not this race but the other continents. "Was this only on this continent?"

"Yes… Sadly I can not speak about other lands. I only know what we have on this continent. But if there are the Nolights, then maybe… just maybe there are even more stronger races out there on other continents that we do not know about." The lich king let out a heavy sigh, and so did I.

"Then I guess we will have no choice but to send an expedition out…." I still had to continue leveling up. The Altorians needed to be tracked. We also needed to check the other continents. It was not going to be an easy task.

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"I will send shadows out. It will take them a while to reach the other places, but I can at least have them all over this continent within a few hours." Diablo spoke up as he placed his hand on my head.

"Then we will do that. It is our only option, for now, to try to keep track of things. I will talk to the dwarves and the elves and see if we can create something that will be able to track everyone on this planet who has a proper mana signature." I was thinking if we were to create a satellite and I flew it up into space, we could easily keep track of things over the whole planet. Well, I would need a few satellites, but it would be worth it.

"Track the mana signatures?" The lick king asked out of curiosity.

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"Mmm… the world we live in all has mana. Everything has mana in it. But living organisms have a different sort of mana signature, and it is different per species. But if we narrow things down to those who are of the races, we can easily keep track of them since there is one thing that every race has, and that is its mana spark in their hearts. It is strange to say, and I only realized it myself not too long ago, but when I use detection magic, I know who is who based on their mana spark. Like I can tell a monster compared to a human just by their mana spark. While I am not sure if all the sentient races on this planet can be cidered the same in this aspect, I do know that most are. So…. If we can track them, we can check for any strangeness in their being. Like I noticed a weird fluctuation in the undead outside that you are fighting against. This fluctuation might not seem much, but it is very different from those who have not gone crazy." I explained.

"Then…. If you can really do as you say, you might be able to tell who the Altorians have infected or done something to?" The lich king asked.

"It's a theory, but it is worth putting to a test. But I will need to have the elves and dwarves work on such a device first. As of now, we do not know if we can even reverse what is done. Or if every being will react in the same way. We still have a lot we need to figure out, so we can only work on this one step at a time. Lich King, I do hope you can work with my Empire on this. I wonder, do you mind capturing a few of the berserker undead?" We were starting to formulate a plan, so if we could use both magic and technology and make use of things this world has never seen before to our advantage, we may just be able to keep ourselves from being overrun.

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"Of course. I have, in fact, already many at my disposal. But I must ask….." The lich king's voice went soft: "Can you take care of my current problem?"

"Mm… I was about to offer this. I can use an area heal on those infected. It will cleanse them and turn them to ash…." I know this was not the nicest way to go for undead, but it was the quickest.

"I will leave that to you then. As for the ones we already have captured. We will prepare them to be ready to leave with you." The lich king gave me his thanks before giving out orders to his men.

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