Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign
Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign

Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign

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Rise Of The Infinite Sovereign novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author VOID_. 321 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Kevin Reed gained enlightenment at the brink of death, as he sees the one he pledged allegiance to, and some long-time comrades betray him.

He closes his eyes one last time thinking, 'If only I had known'

Yet against all odds, he finds himself back in time in the body of the fourth prince of the royal family of a soon-to-fall Empire.

This is the story of a Knight who uses the machinations of an Empire to take his revenge on all those who betrayed him.

A man who uses the knowledge of the future to get the best out of every situation.

A man preparing for the coming of the Era of Prodigies and Disaster.

But he would have to challenge adversity if he is to bring his ambitions to fruition.

So come along on his journey filled with twists and turns, enemies and thorns.

As we see the knowledge of the future is used at its best.

But no one, not even Ezra, could've predicted just how much Chaos this single irregularity would cause.

So join us to witness Ezra, as he rises from humble beginnings, well... maybe not so humble, to becoming a peerless existence.

As he rises from the ashes to become a True Sovereign!

This is the rise...of the Infinite Sovereign!


A/N: This book is written with a pace in relation to the events.

It's written in a pace that neither slow enough to cause boredom nor fast enough to cause confusion.

It's just right.

In this novel, too much is always happening all at once. what do i mean? read to find out.

And while this novel's title doesn't seem to have correlation to the story in the beginning.

It was titled in regards to events in the long term.

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  • Letmedreaminpeaceyou 8

    this dropped?

  • ImmortalReaderMan 6

    To much filler chapters, i read 100+ chapters, the beggining was okay, but the there are multiple chapters from extras or sode characters that could be resumed in a cpulple of lines. Dont waste time.

  • Seraphielle 3

    I finally found youuuuu

  • Kiri09 6

    I don't about you guys but i found this novel somewhat interesting, and now there is a new chapter, i just hope that author continue this novel.

  • Youngf0x 5

    Is this kingdom building? I have been looking for something like release the witch-kingdom building but very few out there, any recommendations??

    • kingprank 1

      same here let me know when you do

  • Dimension_Walker 5

    a novel of total filler. read around 100+ chapter. 80% of those are from side character or extra. who want to read 5 chapter of dual between extra character right ? total garbage and waste of time.

  • DaoistPoisonTester 1

    Into the blackness!

  • lnwUser03038 5

    I have read till the latest chapter (258) and am quite amazed at the quality of this novel. A cheesy name doesn't inspire high expectations but consider that subverted for once ^^

  • Oupavo 2

    Just to be clear, there is no system and maybe 50 of the 150 chapters that i have read is told from the perspective of characters other than the mc. I found myself losing interest in the story and eventually dropped it.

  • LordTee 14

    Where is the system I was promised 😭😭😭 It's all a lie Or does the system come during apocalypse That's 30 years away