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TheLastSpearman 4
Chapter 287 27 days ago

If you skip all the unnecesary dialogue from the different POV's this story was doing phenomenal but the moment Ezra gets crippled feels like a giant f*ck you to the reader, like I wasted dozens of hours just for the author to throw away all of MC's progress because he got too OP too quickly and the author didn't know how to deal with that

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Kiri09 5
Chapter 283 one month ago

Ok, so i am not going to tell u to read this 90% of u will not like it cause there are like 120+ without mc doing anything at start of the novel and it is focused others pov. but for me as i was bored i still read it and i can say this later half of this novel is good. Currently there are 286 chapters and the recent chapters have taken somewhat shift , but it's still a good read. I mean this novel is in my library and it's get atleast 4 chapters a week so i just randomly read it. The story is still interesting. So now it's upon u if u want to read it or not.

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CrippledPenguin 4
Chapter 279 one month ago

The novel goes into too much detail. Unimportant events that could have been summarized make up most of the novel. The story is also not satisfying, it feels like the whole story is building up to the point the MC gains enough power, or gets old enough reveal his power. It already was taking too long but then, all of the 250 chapters end in a very unsatisfying way. It kinda came out of nowhere and made all of the chapters leading up to it pointless. I just don't understand what the author was thinking. After all the details put into all the unimportant stuff, not enough was put into the climax. After all of the importance of the few he had to use it out of nowhere because he drank an untested potion. He spent years in isolated training for nothing. To summarize the novel is all build up, just for it to crumble in the end. Worst part about it is that some of the concepts and elements were interesting so I continued to read just for the novel to implode. I don't have a problem with setbacks or failure but the story is just pathetic.

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LilD3sk 5
Chapter 127 4 months ago

The novel started out amazing but I don't know what happened to the author must have gotten brain damage or something because now the side characters are appearing more than the mc to the point idk who the mc is anymore and the author keeps introducing side characters and focusing the chapters on them. From chapter 80 to where i've got up to chapter 150 the mc has only had 2 chapters on himself and what he's doing the rest is different side characters. Point is the novel is a mess and the author screwed up something which could have been amazing.

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SimonDoughty 1
Chapter 178 4 months ago

A very well write out plot that kept me hooked up all day and night from character progression to world build beasts skills and concepts different from other novels

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  • LilD3sk 5

    Stop the cap. Do not trust this man this novel is asscheeks.