Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 74: Violent Priest (II)

Little Fire transmitted this message to Long Hao Chen, saying that he wouldn’t be back for a long time, nor could he be summoned. As for how long it would last, they did not even know.

Ever since Hao Yue had arrived at Long Hao Chen’s side, he had never once thought about going back to his original world. But at this moment, clearly, the stone orb had caused some changes to appear within him, creating this necessity.

Looking at them, Long Hao Chen nodded, but seemed quite reluctant to part,and replied: “It seems that this stone orb was really quite important to you. Since things are this way, you should head back. Don’t worry about me, I won’t encounter any kind of danger during the Demon Hunt Selection’s qualifiers.”

In reality, since he was preparing himself to participate in the great competition, it was precisely now that Long Hao Chen needed Hao Yue the most; even though their cultivation level wasn’t very high, Little Light and Little Fire could use a variety of magical spells and had perfect coordination with Long Hao Chen in fights. Their impact was no small matter.

But Long Hao Chen didn’t want to drag Little Light and Little Fire down; back then, he clearly felt Little Light and Little Fire’s thirst for the stone orb.

Little Light and Little Fire revealed disappointment in their eyes: they clearly knew that this was not at all the right time to leave Long Hao Chen. Two heads rubbed against Long Hao Chen’s leg as whimpering sounds could be heard. However, their firm look didn’t change in the slightest. They were obviously full of determination.

On Hao Yue’s back, some purple colored veins slowly began to shine, forming a thin purple-colored light that covered the inside of his whole body. As he looked deeply at Long Hao Chen, this purple light vanished, and in a split second, Hao Yue’s body immediately shrank before disappearing, thus heading back to his original world.

Looking at the place where Hao Yue had disappeared, Long Hao Chen tried to suppress his feelings of unwillingness as he took out the three bottles given to him by Lin Xin from his ‘forget-me-not’ ring. Opening them, he took out the slips of paper that were inside.

They looked unimportant, but upon discovering its contents, Long Hao Chen instantly opened his eyes wide. His first reaction was, Is this for real?

The three slips of paper were quite simple. On the first one was written, Below the fifth step, take one pill per day and begin training; each will increase the user’s spiritual energy by 10.

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On the second one was written, You may use these pills in any circumstances, they will replenish 200 units of internal spiritual energy within ten seconds.

On the third one was written, These will instantly release your hidden potential and increase your combat capabilities by 20 percent and will persist for 30 seconds. After the effect wears off, the user will be weakened for 12 hours.

Even though Long Hao Chen had no idea that these pills were the best pills of the fourth step, he could see how valuable these items were.

For this reason, he felt greatly indebted towards Lin Xin. Regardless of whether it was for his promise to Lin Xin or to reach the cultivation level required to seek his parents even one day earlier, it was necessary for him to exert as much effort as possible.

Immersed in his thoughts, Long Hao Chen took out one of the pills in the first bottle and swallowed it before sitting cross-legged to cultivate.

The next morning, Long Hao Chen’s group of five continued their journey, heading straight for Holy City. After a day’s rest, everyone was in high spirits. The Demon Hunt Selection was about to start, and deep inside, they were all determined and full of anticipation. Without a doubt, they were all extremely motivated.

After two days of travel, they were quite close to Holy City, so Long Hao Chen’s group slowed down and took their time advancing. The competition would only start in a day and a half, so there was no need for them to rush.

Walking forward, they suddenly heard some people arguing ahead, attracting their attention.

“Since the beginning, this baldie has been an eyesore . It’s convenient that we haven’t reached Holy City yet; it seems that you don’t even need to attend. Hand over your number plate, then piss off and return to Xiu City. A priest who can’t even heal actually wants to lead us?”

“You guys want to rebel?” A deep voice sounded.

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This sudden clamor had attracted Long Hao Chen’s attention because the first voice sounded extremely familiar.

After passing through a small grove, Long Hao Chen, Li Xin, and the rest of them could see the two parties quarrelling before them.

There was a total of six people behind the grove. Long Hao Chen’s judgment wasn’t mistaken: one of those people was unexpectedly that familiar person. That person whom he had met by chance at the Knight’s Sacred Mountain: Gui Wu.

At this moment, Gui Wu was mounted atop his fiery, red-bodied Scarlet Shelled Earthworm. His right hand gripped a lance as he sat tall, seemingly well above the rest.

These six people were split into two sides: Gui Wu’s side, which unexpectedly amounted to five people, and surprisingly on the other, one lone figure.

That lone figure was a hulking bald man. He was extremely tall, at least two meters or more, had a broad back, and his bulging muscles stretched his clothes taut. With a slightly unrefined appearance, his bald head gleamed like a lightbulb. His sword-like eyebrows covered ferocious, tiger-like eyes, and his face showed a straight, tall nose with a squarish jaw, seeming very imposing.

But what made Long Hao Chen and the others curious was that this heavyset baldie was surprisingly dressed in a white robe. This white robe was something that only a priest would wear! Taking into consideration what they had just heard, the expressions of Long Hao Chen and the others exuded astonishment. Was this robust person whose physique even surpassed average warriors and knights really a priest?

Correct, the guy was a priest. Did he not hold a magic staff in his hands? If one could call that a magic staff…

This heavyset baldie’s right hand gripped a pitch black staff fully 3 and a half meters 1 long and as thick as a person’s arm. The material of the staff was indiscernible, and at the very tip of the staff was inlaid a glittering, dim yellow gem. Without this gem, one would truly think that this staff was simply an iron rod.

Because the area through which Long Hao Chen and the others passed was on the mountain’s incline, they could clearly see these six people, but the other party could not see them.

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The group of five currently confronting this bald priest was clearly led by Gui Wu. He pointed his lance towards that bald priest and said: “Sima Xian, give me your number plate, then piss off so we can abandon you here. At Holy City, a fellow like you would only serve as a disgrace to our Xiu City.”

That bald priest’s eyes gleamed coldly, “I, your father, will not hand it over. How about you bastards try and take it from me?”

Gui Wu laughed sinisterly, “Then we’ll beat you until your own mother can’t even recognize you. Attack.”

Saying so, he urged on the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm as it roared and hurtled forward, charging rampantly towards that bald priest. Among the group of four on Gui Wu’s side was a warrior charging alongside him, two mages who began to chant incantations, as well as a spindly figure wearing a black veil that seemed to be an assassin. His body flickering, he ran out and circled around from the side. It seemed that there was a deep understanding within the teamwork of these five.

Watching this occur, Long Hao Chen’s face immediately expressed indignance. Regardless of which side was wrong, five people were actually executing an attack from all sides against a priest. Already, Long Hao Chen couldn’t tolerate this despicable conduct. But, just as he rushed out to help that priest, he was held back by Li Xin who stood beside him.

“Lil’bro, look before acting. Don’t you see that the priest doesn’t even show a hint of fear? He should be capable of defending himself.”

Facing the all-round attack of those five people, this bald priest Sima Xian let out an angry shout. Not only did he move back, his steps were extremely quick, and he swiftly retreated backwards. At this moment, that gigantic staff in his hands began to light up.

Both priests and knights were considered to be companions of light because all their skills utilized holy magic. The only difference was that the holy magic of priests focused more on healing and auxiliary affects.

Raising his staff, a brilliant golden light suddenly burst forth, becoming a golden pillar that enveloped that bald priest, Sima Xian. This was both an offensive and defensive skill of priests, [Sacred Light]. It effectively protected oneself while simultaneously releasing a killing force against all enemies close by.

1. ten Chinese feet

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