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Chapter 13: The Plan Commence

After the line got connected, he immediately informed her to gather everyone in the hotel hall.

He then hung up and called his aunt Marry and informed her that in 30 minutes he will call her again to show her something.

After he got a word of approval from his aunt who was freaking out just like the rest, He hanged up.

It was finally time to start preparing the manpower needed to take advantage of the upcoming economy crash.

The chaos will only last at most for two months before the world leaders start sharing all of the information about the universe. So he must be quick in his plan implementation.


30 minutes later.....

In The hotel hall, Felix stood on a chair while holding his phone on speaker, examining the terrified and shocked hotel personals in front of him.

He raised his voice and began his speech that might put those servants on his side.

"I know everyone is still in a state of shock and confusion over the current absurdity. You probably already figured out that everyone on the entire planet has heard the transmission at the same time, which resulted in great chaos and the death of many innocent lives."

He paused for a few seconds to see the crowd's reaction and continued at the same pace.

"From the choices that have been handed to us humans, the third option is the most feasible. I trust the world leaders to make the right decision and not declare war with them. This means, the fear of the unknown future should be gone by now, and those who do not have fear clouding their eyes and judgment, will see only opportunities to take advantage of."

He then smiled gently to ease their tension and said with temptation. "But not everyone will see that far ahead. People will only see what's near them, and now what they see is a hopeless situation, where their lives are in the hands of their country leaders, who they never trusted or loved, and also in the hands of the invading race, who can kill them anytime they wished for."

He pointed a finger in his head, "In the citizen's heads right now 'is there going to be another transmission? What if I was driving when it arrives, won't I just die?"

He continued his speech with a confident smile. "So they will buy or loot basic necessities like food and water and hide in their homes until the information about the situation is clear to them."

"This will offset a huge economical change since every commoner in the entire world would only think about getting as much food to survive, thus they will throw all their money and precious jewelry at it. This will results in prices of luxury items to fall down sharply, as the market will be flooded with them."

"This is just one of many opportunities I mentioned. More will come, the only question left is. Are you guys going to seize them with me, or pass it due to momentary lapse of judgment?" He concluded his speech with a question that could decide their fate.

The servants who heard what Felix said started to pant, as their eyes were slowly being cleared from the confusion. And what replaced it was zeal, zeal for a better future, to improve their status.

No one wanted to be a servant or handyman forever. Everyone wanted to strike rich and be part of the 1%.

Sadly, the world resources had already been split apart without a crumble for them to pick after.

But now, there was a whole new pie in front of them. It's time to stop thinking and fearing and just do it.

And so with zealous expressions, everyone cheered with arms raised in the air after seeing a new bright future. Nothing would stop them from getting rich.

Felix smiled as he observed everyone's excitement. He let them blow off steam and the negative emotions that were filling their minds.

2 minutes later...

The servants calmed down and said while bowing in respect towards Felix. "Please guide us, young master."

"For today we won't do anything, as the chaos has just started. But after 7 days when the world leaders make their decision, we will make our move, since I believe that the leaders will hoard the information first to obtain some benefits from the commoners as well."

He quickly added after seeing their disgruntled faces. "But I doubt they will go too far, since no matter what choice they make, They will have to start planning the planet's future, and that will drain them from their time and energy to care about other things."

"And that's when we strike!"

"I will use 20 million dollars to buy all the luxury resources needed to remodel the resort hotel."

He then named them one by one under their greedy eyes. "I want Gold, Silver, Gems, Marbles and The finest wood; I don't care if its ebony wood or sandalwood, I want them all. Then when we secure all the precious materials we can start buying construction materials."

He switched his vision to his phone, where his aunt was listening the whole time with concentration. "Aunt, I need from you to use your contacts, and get us all of those materials, then send them by shipments."

" I will also need a huge amount of manpower, handyman, craftsman, architectural engineers, managers, doctors, airport specialists... all of those talents. Promise them they will move to a safe island away from the mess, where food is plenty, and free."

"But only do so after we secured the materials, alright?" He asked to see if she understood his instructions.

Aunt Marry answered with reminiscing in her voice, "Little Felix your mother will be proud of you if she saw what have you become."

Then she spoke firmly. "Leave it to me, I will make sure our operation to be discreet, without anyone knowing about it. The less competition the more we obtain."

The servants realized that there was a hint of threat in her tone, probably at them to not spread the information.

They were not going to do so anyway; If Felix just went ahead alone and tried to devour all the precious materials.

The servants would get greedy over not being able to touch them; they will either steal them while hidden or sell the information to his cousins who would love to do the same as him.

But now that he shared, it meant they were all in it together. They will get part of the upcoming shipments, and anyone who greed over what belongs to them, will not be tolerated.

Felix switched his vision to them and instructed, "Your job is going to be the hardest since I trust only you guys to keep watch over the upcoming manpower."

He warned. "They will try their best to steal precious materials, and your job is to supervise them every day, and punish them if they went out of line. If the Island remodeling was successful, it will turn into the fanciest Island in the world, and only elites will be allowed in it."

"And your reward after all of this is 5% shares of the hotel profit. The family will give me 49% when I successfully revive this impossible project. And if everything went well, you can expect the Island to be famous in the world, with profits exceeding tens of billions each year. This meant 5% will give you at least a hundred million dollars each year. But this 5% is going to split based on the contribution during the process of building and remodeling. If you do well, you can even obtain a full 1% while others share 4%, but if you were caught stealing, you will be thrown in jail. Forget about the 5% you will get jack shit."

He then said coldly. "I gave you a way out of your social status, so don't you dare disappoint me or betray my goodwill."

"That's it, for now, go take some rest it's getting late. We will continue the details tomorrow." He yawned with a hand covering his mouth and excused them.

"Good night"

The servants, bodyguards, and maids just stood there for a while frozen with all the information that was handed to them.

Then one by one they bowed deeply in the direction of Felix while saying in unison

"Thank you, young master, and good night."


In the suite living room…

"You did well little Felix, your plan might not be flawless as there are always some bad apples or loopholes. But at least it's going to work. By adding them to your plan and sharing some profit with them, you made them feel like they are going to work for themselves and not for you. This will greatly limit their greed when the shipments start to arrive since no one would steal from himself."

Felix replied nonchalantly, "you give me too much credit aunty. It's just a standard stick and carrot style plan, anyone can think of it."

Without waiting for his aunt to keep complimenting him he cut her off with a grave tone. "Aunty, what do you think about the transmission?"

His aunt replied with a hint of dread in her voice.

"I don't know, this is too sudden, we were just living peacefully in our bubble. But no one expected it to explode without a warning, everyone was caught by surprise. I bet your family board of elders is holding an emergency meeting to address their plan for the future."

She added with a disheartened sigh, "Too bad it's pointless, as long as no information about the entity that is living in Antarctica is revealed; any plan for the future is futile."

"Don't worry, my senses are telling me that this is a huge opportunity for planet earth. We were fighting for a pathetic amount of resources every single day, declaring wars for territory, and more messed up things. All of those, I believe will be solved if we managed to absorb the Aliens knowledge about the universe and started our own Interstellar colonization just like them."

Aunt Marry could only put her faith in his words. And hope that everything works out just like he claimed.

Chapter 13: The Plan Commence
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