Supremacy Games
Chapter 3: Family Tradition

After he was done admiring his young image in front of the mirror, Felix began to wear his clothes while thinking of the present era he was in right now.

From his current memories, he believed that he was sent back to the Modern Era. An era where earthlings were still living in peace and harmony in their little blue planet.

But that would soon change after The Supremacy Games Invitation that turned the world upside down before makes an appearance shortly again.

This was even better for his plans. By relying on the memories of his past life, he could without a doubt ace the games and climb the ranking ladder even higher than before.

This would reward him with treasures he couldn't even dream of.

His expression soon turned serious and solemn real quick as he said firmly, "This time, I will not fool around and waste my time idling away!"

If he was dedicated and hardworking in his bloodline integration, he wouldn't have been sent by the clan to do such a difficult mission but remain in the headquarter being protected and well-taken care of like the prodigies.

Sadly, he could only clutch his ass with a pained expression in regret after learning this lesson by having his asshole blasted to flames by Asna.

His anguish expression was soon replaced by a determined one that would move anyone who sees it. "For me not to feel that kind of agonizing pain ever again, I will work harder than everyone, I will make sure to reach the peak. No one will f*ck with me again!"



He punched the mirror until it shattered, sending small pieces of glass everywhere. Soon enough, he dropped to the ground while holding his bloodied fist.

"F*ck me!" He wailed in anguish.

He already forgot that he was now merely 17 years old with a weak body that couldn't even harm a common tier 1 beast!

Jack and the other bodyguard who were near the door heard Felix's roar and the mirror's shattering sound.

Just as the other bodyguard tried to rush to check Felix's well being, Jack stopped him with his arm.

"Don't worry. It's not serious. Young master is probably watching a hot-blooded movie, and it moved him to his current state."

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While his actual thoughts were, 'Young master Felix is probably on different types of drugs again.'

In his mind, he already accepted it as a fact since it was quite believable. After all, there was nothing much to do on this forsaken island besides going to the beach.

If it was not for the star-link internet, that uses satellites instead of cables. Felix probably would have gone nuts already.

Inside the bedroom, Felix was picking up the mirror glass pieces from the floor with a bandaged hand.

'Based on my phone, the current year is 2024/06/01. If I recall correctly, The Invitation will arrive 15 days later, which is quite an ideal period for me to make plans for later.'

After a while, he finished cleaning the floor and wore his sports shoes, preparing to head outside. He wanted to scout the hotel and the island's current condition.

"I am leaving the hotel to take a long walk, no need to follow me, and don't you dare send someone behind my back secretly, Understood?" He instructed Jack after exiting his suite.

"Yes, young master, just enjoy your walk; no one will bother you."

Felix smiled while patting his shoulder. "Good, keep following my orders like this, and I will promote you to my personal chief of bodyguards when I receive my shares from the family."

Jack grinned widely, "your wish is my command, young master."

Felix then walked toward the elevator while examining the horrendous condition of the hotel in detail.

'Was my brain full of shit when I chose this business to revive as part of my coming of age test or what?'

He kept walking for a couple of minutes until he saw the rusty elevator that had a sign glued on the door, ]closed for maintenance.[

"Figured so." Felix sighed in disappointment.

He turned to his left and headed towards the stairs. The moment he arrived and saw those stairs leading to an abyss, he frowned his eyebrows.

"Fixing the elevator once and for all is a priority. I can't use those stairs each day. My knees would snap."

He braced himself and descended the staircase while trying to organize his 17 years old memories.

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If he recalled correctly, he chose this resort hotel in the middle of nowhere as his adulthood test when he reached 16 years old. That's because he wanted to spend the 5 years of the test Idling and sunbathing.

He soon berated his young self laziness that costed them dearly later on.

After all, while others were trying their best to revive the companies, hotels, and restaurants, which they chose as their mission. On the other hand, he was sunbathing here like a salted fish.

This negligence towards his test costed him heavily later on when the Supremacy Games Invitation arrived.

The other juniors who tried their best even if their project didn't do well were still chosen to be nurtured by the family so they would clutch slots in the upcoming National Team battles, that were going to be held a year or so from now.

Meanwhile, the lazy ones like him who took the family coming of age tradition as a joke were punished heavily by the elders' board.

Since his parents and other close relatives had died one way or another, he had no one to vouch for him anymore within the family.

Just as he wanted to keep on his nagging, he remembered his parents.

One of the few ones who loved him in that wolf den, where competition to obtain benefits for oneself was but the norm, and every method to do so was allowed, as long as no one gets harmed.

His parents were quite popular in the Maxwell Family with their business handling skills.

As his father managed 5 Wall Street investment funds with high efficiency, making profits in all of his desired investments without a single failure.

This guarantee of success caused everyone in the business circle to refer to him as the Spider since his investment senses were that sharp.

Meanwhile, his mother managed tens of 5 stars hotels and a few 3 stars Michelin restaurants worldwide.

Their reputation reached a peak in her hands, as every customer or critic who visited or ate in them left only good remarks behind.

Unfortunately, they passed away in a helicopter incident when they headed to the family headquarter to surprise Felix on his 11 years birthday.

Well, they did manage to surprise him when he heard the news of their death while he was cutting his birthday cake alone in his room.

One could only imagine the trauma this event might have caused to young Felix.

Since that moment, he changed into a different person. He became shameless, playful, making pranks on his cousins, bullying them daily until they feared his existence.

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They complained to the adults to punish him. But the elders knew that his playful personality emerged only to hide his pain and fear of loneliness deep within his heart.

So they closed one eye and allowed him to bully them to the point they created an Anti Felix Alliance, grouping and beating him up whenever he tried to prank one of them.

2 years quickly passed by.

Felix matured a tiny bit since then. He stopped harassing his cousins after realizing that it was not worth it to get beaten up just for a prank.

He then became lazy and unproductive; his school marks were below average, while his friends were the typical 2nd generation nouveau rich kids who think with their penises and not their brains.

If they had one that is.

The years went by until he reached the most important year in his life, which was 16.

The reason was that the entire life of every junior within the family depends on the coming-of-age tradition. Where needed to pass a test that spans 5 years duration.

This test entailed that one must revive a dead business, such as a company on the verge of bankruptcy, a restaurant with negative reviews, hotels that had a bad reputation from their customers, or just were not performing well in general.

Suppose the junior managed to revive his business in a period of 5 years successfully. The family board would reward him with 49% shares of that project!

This meant, the bigger the company or Hotel you revived, the bigger your reward. 49% of the restaurant shares were not the same as owning 49% in Car Manufacturer Company.

But if they failed the test, they would have only two options left to choose from.

The first one was to live their life freely without family control or resources. In contrast, the second one was to pick any business that fits their talents and manage it with only 10% profit shares.

This tradition was the reason why the family kept growing successfully while at the same time keeping their resources at bay, without risks of losing them to outsiders.

Meanwhile, Felix could not have cared less about the test or his future. He only chose this resort hotel as his project was to idle away from everyone else.


Felix woke up from his reminisce as he chuckled at his younger self tantrum, which caused them to get left behind in bloodline integration.

He smirked evilly, "Since this daddy is back, my dear cousins, you can forget about getting resources from the family, as I will make this resort hotel the best in the world, where only elites can step on this Island."

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He then laughed out loud with spaghetti legs, wobbling continuously, unable to support his weight after descending those hellish stairs.

"And I know just how to do so!"

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