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Chapter 50: A wasted Effort

Felix clapped his hands twice to quietened them down, as well as attract their attention to him. "I want all of you to find a place and lay down properly." He explained, "You are going to spend about 4 hours inside the UVR. So, chose a comfortable position, lest your muscles ache when you return."

Obedient, they listened to his advice and lay down either on the ground or the couch. Not one of them chose the bed, as it was only proper to act like a guest and not as a snobbish girl, wanting only the best.

Shortly after, all the girls were in a good comfortable position. Those on the ground had pillows and bedsheets underneath them, so it wasn't actually that bad.

Satisfied by their behavior, Felix nodded his head, as his eyes were drifting from one cousin to another.

Suddenly, his eyes landed on two exposed little feet under his bed, if it wasn't for the toes flinching from time to time, anyone would have assumed that a dead body was lying there. Without a second thought, he knew whose feet were those.

But he ignored that hamster and began explaining how the bracelet party feature works. "I will visit each of you and touch your forehead with my Bracelet."

He tapped a few times on his bracelet and continued after bringing out a hologram in front of them. "You just say this sentence."

He pointed at the hologram that displayed a short sentence that said, ]I willingly chose to enter the UVR, using Felix's AP bracelet, and I accept all the terms and conditions of being a party member.[

"The moment you finish, call in your mind 'Queen AI', and you will enter my UVR room directly." He smiled, "After you enter, don't panic or anything, as I will follow you in soon. Simple right?"

"Yes Felix, can we start? I can't wait any longer." Eager and nervous, Sara breathed ruggedly as she eyed his bracelet.

"Sarah, can you not say that while breathing in that way? If anyone heard you without knowing what's going on, will definitely misunderstand you."

"She is right, get hold of yourself, Sarah, you are shaming us with you in front of Felix," A tall ginger flower poked Sarah cheeks with a playful smile.

Sarah slapped her finger away and kept eying Felix's bracelet with the same look, unbothered about their teasing.

"Brother Felix, don't listen to their rubbish. They are just wasting time." She pointed her finger at her face and asked with a cute smile, "Can you start with me? I already memorized what I need to say."

Felix nodded his head and approached her. He also wanted to get this over with. After reaching her side, he crouched next to her and touched his bracelet with her forehead.

Sarah did exactly as he instructed them before without a single mistake. Immediately after she called Queen AI, her eyes got closed shut, as she lost consciousness.


Surprised by how efficient and quick the process was, the girls exclaimed with hands on their cheeks.

Just as Felix wanted to instruct them to lay down, they circled him and kept chirping little birds

"Me next!"... "No me!"... "Pick me, Felix!"

Vexed at their chatter and hands touching him here and there, Felix raised his head and stared at the ceiling deep in thought. 'What did I get myself into?'

After waiting a while, a clear order was still not established. Every cousin was more unforgiving than the other. Felix was the one who felt burnt of their terrifying bickering, as he was in the center of it.


He shouted as he rubbed his temples. It was really a stupid mistake letting them handle it without his interference. "I will count to three. if I found anyone of you not in her position, don't blame me for leaving you last." He crossed his arms above his chest and began counting. The girls whined at his stern treatment, but they still didn't dare to disobey.

Within seconds, all of them were lying on their position with burning anticipation in their torch-like eyes.

Satisfied at their obedience, he smiled and touched their foreheads one by one gently. The girls repeated the same sentence and lost consciousness. The entire scene appeared just like a cult ritual.

One could only wonder what the parents of those girls would say if they saw their daughters lying defenseless like this, in front of Felix.

Before long, Felix sent them all in succession. He dusted his hands with a pleased expression and went to the bed, planning to enter after them. However, his eyelids couldn't help but twitch at the sight of those two feet still there unmoving. He totally forgot about that trouble maker.

"Are you still not coming out Oli?" He kicked the left side rails of the bed lightly, trying to scare her.



The yelp he was expecting was replaced by a groan as Olivia's head collided with the bottom rail of the bed.

"Are you alright?"

aggrieved, Olivia rubbed her red forehead and replied with watery eyes, "I think my forehead cracked in half. I can feel blood gushing outside."

Felix chuckled at her attempt to make him feel bad, so he wouldn't yell at her for bringing him trouble. However, the girls were waiting for them and it wasn't time for those word games.

Thus, Felix grinned and grabbed her little feet that were outside the bed and dragged her out.


Olivia cried in surprise, as she clawed the carpet, trying to clutch into her dear life. Unfortunately, Felix didn't even give her the time to fight it out, before he threw her into the bed.

"Get in position so I can start the process. Your sisters are waiting inside." Felix ordered with unquestionable voice.

Olivia immediately hid under the bedsheet and explained what led to this mess, "I'm sorry, Sarah told Megan, and Megan told another one. It kept going this way until all of them begged me to enter the UVR as well. I couldn't say no to their request. Sor..."

Felix cut her mid-sentence, not waiting for her to finish her 2nd apology. "No need to feel sorry. I already told you that you are allowed to bring a maximum of 10 people." He sighed, "I just didn't expect you to only bring your sisters."

"Now enough mopping and wasting time, get into position and follow my instruction." he said while pulling the sheets away, exposing Olivia who was curled up like a worm, trying to hide her existence.

Olivia instantly fixed her position and lay properly on the bed. "Alright, you can start now."

Felix did the same to her as others, and soon after, she passed out as well. Felix pushed her to the side to make some space and lay next to her.

'Log me in Queen Please.'


Inside the white room, 10 young ladies were conversing with suppressed tones as their eyes wandered around. Sarah kept touching every wall with a hint of fanatism in her eyes.

"It feels so real." She put her face on the cold surface of the floor and let out a comfortable sigh, "This is the best day of my life."

The rest totally ignored this weirdo and continued their chatter. It had already been 10 minutes since they entered and Sarah never stopped those shameful acts. They only hoped she would get a grip and not do the same when Felix arrive.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

Felix's body reassembled from light particles in the center of the room, marking his successful teleportation. The reason he was late, was due to him needing to rush into the Teleportation Company from the park, where he last logged out.

The moment he appeared in the middle of the room, all the ladies quietened up and waited for him to speak.

"I will teleport you all to the capital city Androxa. The first thing you need to do is to immediately leave the teleportation circle after you reach the city." He explained, "Each delayed second will cost me 200 SC. This is important, don't forget it."

Felix didn't want them to get cheated out of his money, since they were in his party that meant he was responsible for their actions.

Although 200 SC was peanut in his eyes, he couldn't show so. Otherwise, the ladies would spread out rumors that he was rich within the UVR. It wouldn't matter if his cousins heard about it, but the elders were a different story.

He understood clearly that showing his bank account was unquestionable if the elders asked him to. At that point, he could only create another empty bank account and show it to them. Felix wanted none of this nonsense to happen in the first place, so, he was going to act as cheap as possible.

The young ladies shared hidden eye contact with a confused expression. They clearly didn't understand a thing of what he said. But, they still nodded their heads with knowing smiles.

Felix understood their thoughts clearly, but he preferred it this way, as it meant less time for explaining.

"Queen AI teleport us please."

"As you wish Mr. Felix."


Felix opened his eyes in the circle and immediately went to pull any cousin he saw outside of the circle. Even though they had random faces, Felix easily recognized them, as they had a green halo on top of their heads, visible to only him.

A few moments later he looked at the trouble maker Olivia and Sarah with his hands behind his back. "What the hell, why is it always you two, whenever there is an issue?" He scolded them with a fake angry tone, "I clearly stated that you need to bounce out of the circle as fast as possible. So why the fuck were you both in it for an extra 6 seconds?"

"One of you was frozen due to shock, and the other was touching everything in curiosity. Those 6 seconds cost me at least 2400 CS total." His voice wasn't loud, as he didn't want to attract attention to them this early. He was just acting like this to let them further realize that he was a poor pauper.

Ashamed and apologetic, Sarah and Olivia lowered their heads while fiddling their fingers.

The other sisters gloated at them getting scolded like little children.

After seeing this positive response, Felix decided it was enough and patted their heads to comfort them. "Alright stop mopping. You only have 4 hours inside." He smiled, "We will walk on foot so you guys can take a closer look at the culture of the UVR." He turned around and walked ahead of them. He waved his hand and said, "Follow me closely and don't point your finger at anyone, since you won't know if he is a normal commoner or a peak stage 6."

The ladies formed two lines and followed him from behind, like ducklings following their mother hen. This strange scene piqued the interest of every passerby who saw it.

Amused and bewildered, they kept pointing their fingers at Felix's group, while whispering with hushed tones. Yet, that was as far as they did. No one came to bother or harass them, simply because it wasn't their business.

People in the UVR were exactly the same as New Yorkers in this characteristic. They recognized that for them to live longer in this city, minding their own business was a must craft to master.


After 35 minutes of continuous walking and answering all of his cousins' questions and inquires, Felix dispirited eyes instantly brighten up as he saw the Cinema in front of him.

Eager to send them inside to get rid of them, he bolted towards it while calling for his ducklings to follow him.

However, the long queue before the entrance shattered his up-lifted spirit. He knew that paying to skip the line was out of the question. After all, how could he explain himself after paying 500 SC for each cousin to pass the queue with him?

Thus Felix could only hang his head low and continue getting tortured by their never-ending questions.

'Someone save me out of this hell.'


45 minutes later...

Felix entered the Cinema that was designed just like a large tuna fish made of see-through glass. The entrance was actually its mouth. It just wasn't that clear before, due to the building's massive size.

"Let's go see the movie list for now. Hopefully, something might be worth our tickets." Felix gave each of them a hologram to read.

He then sat on the lounge couch and read the list with a bored expression. It turned out he already saw most of the movies released during this month.

As he was scrolling down the list, he felt someone tugging his shirt. Confused, he turned his head and saw Olivia and the rest were either looking at him with abashed expressions or avoiding having eye contact at all.

The moment he saw their behavior, he knew something was not right. "What's wrong with you? Did you not like those movies?"

However, the response he received, managed to ruin his already fucked up mood even further, as he realized that he wasted his coins on bringing retards with him.

"We can't read the common universal language yet!"

Chapter 50: A wasted Effort
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