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Chapter 57: The Delivery Has Arrived

Eager and quite impatient, Felix roamed around the living room with his hands folded behind his back. He couldn't sit still for even a second, as his items were about to arrive in a couple of seconds.

A week had already passed by in the blink of an eye.

Felix already stopped going to the awakening mock practice after successfully enduring 100% for over 20 minutes continuously! His result showcased that he was absolutely ready to awaken for real. Thus, there was no point in torturing himself with the rest.

Meanwhile, the same couldn't be said about his cousins, as they weren't able to even endure the basic 50% for 5 minutes before passing out. This constant daily torture forced 10 juniors to quite the training camp, and return their bloodlines bottles to the family.

The only one who performed only below Felix was Noah, as he managed to endure 50% for 20 minutes! However, the process wasn't smooth or pretty like Felix's. In fact, by the end of the duration, he flat out fainted for 12 hours straight.

The sight scared the elders out of their wits, as they believed that his brain must have been damaged in some way or form. Thankfully, his cold personality was still the same after he woke up.

However, the situation he caused, managed to raise some warning flags on the elders' heads. They realized that it was a bit too much for the juniors to get tortured like that every single day without a break. So, they changed the schedule from 7 days of practice to only 4 days.


"What's going on? Am I really unlucky to get an amateur Wormpire, or something happened during the Delivery?"

Irritated and somewhat confused, Felix scratched his cheek and glanced again at his bracelet. It turned out, his delivery was delayed by a whopping two hours, which was honestly unacceptable behavior.

Felix didn't pay half a million to be treated like this. It was one thing to get hanged up, on his face by their customer service. But another, to have his delivery messed up like this.

"You asked for this."

Finally, he wasn't able to handle it anymore and decided to rant on their customer service about this shitty way of treating their customers. However, just as he tried to dial their phone number, his finger froze in its place.

'Took you long enough.'

Felix's eyes brightened up at the sight of wind rushing from the windows furiously towards the center of his living room. Yet, the weird part was that not a single object or furniture got displaced. it was like the space in the room froze everything inside, even Felix's body.

A few seconds later a small crack emerged midair in the exact spot where the wind was rushing before.

Bewildered and speechless, Felix sized up the small crack that was forcefully getting stretched by a fat blue scaled worm that kept wriggling its body to enter the room, but to no avail.

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After a few more attempts, it gave up and just remained stuck in the spatial crack with half of its body dangled, almost touching the ground.

"Hello is anyone there?" The space receptors of the blue worm kept flickering around, trying to sense any lifeform presence. Suddenly, it paused its actions after noticing Felix sitting on the couch.

"Cough, I could use some help, sir." It lifted one receptor and pointed at Felix. "I doubt that you want to sleep while looking at a fat worm stuck in your room. Don't you kind sir?"

Although its way of asking was polite, Felix was still as unresponsive as ever. He simply kept staring at this human-sized worm with a deadpan expression.

'Should I take a video of this humiliating failed delivery, and blackmail the company?'

Felix was beyond livid after seeing the unprofessional farce in front of him. He truly felt like he was cheated out of a half million. However, his rationality retook control and shook his head to remove that stupid idea from his mind.

'No thank you, I still want my life.'

It was never a good option to offend the Delivery Companies that had his own privet information, as they could easily know his hidden persona in the UVR, based on the items he bought.

Even though they were heavily restricted by the SGA laws to not spread his information online, they could always find a way to "mistakenly" give it to others.

Hell, even on earth, massive companies were selling data of their users to each other on daily basis. Don't even mention those greedy Delivery Companies.

This was the reason he chose the Wormhole Express Company in the first place. As he knew that it was one of the best Delivery Companies in the universe that took pride in three things; fast delivery, secure information, and professional service.

But if he blackmailed them. He would have left them with no choice but to drop all pretense and annihilate him.

"Hellooo! I know you can hear me! I am talking straight in your mind." The fatty worm kept yapping constantly in his mind, not letting him a single moment to think.

'Although I can't blackmail the company. This annoying fatty is another matter.'

Felix licked his lips and approached the spatial crack, unworried about being affected by it. After all, the space worm race had complete control over the element of space. thus, as long as the fatty was near him, the crack couldn't devour him and his room.

"Stop drooling on my carpet fatty, lest I put a lamp close to your skin." He threatened the blue worm immediately after seeing his acidic drool ruining the carpet.

Fatty who was about to open his mouth to thank Felix shivered at his threat and closed its tiny mouth shut.

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Satisfied by his submissiveness, he patted his head like a pet.

Before fatty could sound his displeasure at this downgrading treatment. Felix grabbed his receptors and brought it close to his face.

"Now you little shit. I am extremely pissed that the company sent an amateur like you, instead of a professional." He extended three fingers near his receptors and admonished him, "First you were late by 2 hours. Second, you got stuck inside your own spatial hole, like a moron, and finally, you begged your customer for assistance!"

"You literary broke two of your company's main pillars on one delivery."

The fatty couldn't even argue back, as everything Felix said was correct. He knew that he messed up this delivery pretty badly. So, he kept his silence obediently not daring to anger him any further. In his mind, he just needed to listen to Felix's rant for a while and everything should be back on track.

Unfortunately, Felix's rant was merely the beginning of his nightmare.

"If it was another customer, they won't hesitate to report your performance to your supervisor. But luckily, you met me." Felix let go of his receptors and smiled, "An easy-going person who let bygones be bygones. But you are still required to give some compensation over the damages you caused me."

The fatty wasn't an idiot to not realize that his fate was in the hands of Felix's. But, to get blackmailed like this, still left a sour taste in his mouth.

"What do you mean I caused you damages?" He scoffed and said, "Besides some burnt marks in your carpet. I broke nothing else. So I can gladly pay its damage if you willed me to."

"How about 600 SC for a new carpet? quite a generous price don't you think?" He offered with a hint of mockery in his tone.

Unbothered by his hidden insults, Felix brought a chair near the crack and sat on it, backward.

"Who said anything about physical damages? what I meant is the harm you caused to my mental health!" His shoulders slumped down, as he continued lying through his teeth. "You had no idea that I planned to awaken today. I was just waiting for my items to arrive to start the process. But now after this farce, and especially seeing your ugly face stuck in my room like this, how am I suppose to awaken?"

"You ruined my mental preparation for awakening that took me years of effort to build. But now I don't know when I am going to build it again or how long it will take, and this is all because of you little shit." He pointed his finger at him and asked, "So tell me how are you going to compensate me?"

The Fatty worm realized that he had no way out from this shit hole but to pay a heavy bribe to shush Felix. Otherwise, his job as a deliveryworm was over.

He would rather pay him than lose his job. As in his race culture, being a lazy unemployed worm meant only one thing, that was getting isolated by everyone until he commits a Star Suicide.

So, he could only sigh at his dog shit luck and inform Felix of his bribe. "I will give you my Spatial holding chip. It's the only valuable thing I have in my possession. Just get me out of here. My skin is getting rough from this long sunlight exposure." He shuddered and said, "My wife will beat me up if she saw it."

Amused, Felix chuckled slightly at the fatty worm, who was trying desperately to hide from the sunlight. Those space worms weren't being nicknamed as Wormpires for no reason. In fact, if it wasn't for the many similarities between them and the vampire race, no one would have mentioned it in the first place.

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However, Felix still didn't give him a hand. He just grinned wickedly and watched him squirm around in anguish.

The bastard truly deserved it, as he tried to fool him by saying that the spatial card was the only valuable thing in his possession.

Maybe, if others who lacked knowledge would dance in joy after getting the card. But to Felix, it meant nothing, since he could simply buy it from the UVR.

What he truly wanted from the worm was actually him!

"I will take the card in compensation for the physical damages you caused to my carpet that was gifted by my late parents. The only gift they left me after passing away. God bless their souls."

Felix kissed two fingers and pointed them in the air with a mournful expression. He truly had zero shame to use his dead parents as a source of blackmail. But honestly, with his parents' personality, they pretty much would have expected nothing less from him.

"Stop being so shameless! Who would believe that this trashy carpet is a gift by someone?" The fatty finally couldn't handle it and snapped at him. "I refuse to accept such blatant blackmail."

"Take it back, and apologize to my parents. Otherwise, forget about reporting you to the company, I will report you to your own Worm Tribe for humiliating my family like this." Felix crossed his arms over his chest and added with a bone-chilling tone, "I have everything recorded."

Frightened and quite spooked, the fatty's receptors immediately withdrew inside his scales after realizing that Felix even knew how to report to his Tribe.

If Felix did as he said. The fatty losing his job would be the least of his concernes, as he would get disowned by his parents and exiled from the tribe!

Since family was a sacred and glorified based on their tribal worm race culture. It should never be dishonored by anyone. Otherwise, exile awaits the offender.

'Who the fuck is he?! I thought this planet should be filled with uneducated country bumpkins. So why the hell does he knows my race traditions.' His mind was in an utter mess, not able to comprehend who the fuck he was dealing with.

"So are you going to agree to my physical compensation or not." Felix knocked on his head, to force his receptors out.

A few moments later, the fatty nodded silently, not wanting to speak anymore. God knows if that prick was going to put him in another trap by twisting his words.

Satisfied, Felix patted his head again. "Good boy, now moving on to my mental damages that your reckless actions caused." He smiled warmly and said, "I simply demand an easy-going request that you can fulfill without losing anything."

The fatty flinched at his warm tone, as he expected from this demon nothing less but to get ripped off heavily.

Alas, Felix's request turned even worse than what he expected.

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