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Chapter 69: Affinity Enhancement

The next day, Felix went for the second shopping spree, in order to obtain all the necessary resources needed for the upcoming integrations, using the 180 million SC that wasn't invested.

First, he bought the 1000 discounted medium and High-grade stones from Fuzzia shop.

He finally had enough capital to begin his affinity enhancement, and he had no reason to delay anymore, especially after he tested with Asna the required duration and amount needed for both of those stones to help him reach 100% from 59%.

Which was a staggering 100.000 Medium stone for a year of continuous daily absorption. Meanwhile, the high-grade stone would take him merely a one-month duration of absorption.

But he would need 10.000 stones that cost at least 20.000 CS each, and that's only if he managed to find them in such a large amount. Their rarity was no joke after all.

So in total, if he planned to only use medium stones, he would need to pay 100 million to reach the peak, but if he wanted to lower the duration of absorption by using high stones, it would cost him 200 million or more, since he wouldn't be able to find them always with that price. Especially since he planned to buy a huge amount of them.

That's why the deal with Fuzzia shop was quite good to him since it was hard to secure 1000 high-grade stone all at once, and even with a 10% discount.

After Felix bought them, he went to Mr.Piggy's resourceful Shop to order twenty bottles each of double percentage potions, Rejuvenation potions, and lastly Pain Relief Potions.

Felix was probably the only human who needed to use the pain relief potion after awakening since they were only useful to lower the duration to the minimum during the awakening process.

But in the following integrations, it was completely useless for others, because the duration of each following integration was merely 5 minutes!

So there was no point in buying them anymore.

But in the case of Felix, who had triple the duration even when he used 4 potions during the awakening.

It only meant one thing, and that was the integration would always have 15 minutes duration. A massive contrast to 5 minutes.

But he couldn't complain much about it. He was the one who chose this difficult path, and he would make sure to walk through it to the end. He only hoped that the returns would justify the hardship.

After completing his order, he directly headed to Looby's bloodline shop, planning to buy the cheapest Tier 5 bloodline he could find, hoping to luck out on some Jörmungandr bloodline essence within it.

Although, 30% of the price was always going to be wasted whether he found the Jörmungandr essence or not, still, at least when he found some, the pain of reselling the potion cheaper could be somewhat tolerated.

On the other hand, if he found none, it would be the same as throwing 30% of the price down the drain after reselling it.

Nothing hurt Felix more than that. A pure waste of hard-earned money. But he could only grit his teeth and do it.

(Auther note: earning money through gambling is hard-earned for Felix apparently. xD)

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And so, he left the shop after paying 120 million SC for a rare Tier 5 bloodline, and this was even with a 5% discount.

This just showed that no matter how many coins Felix made, it would always be insufficient to support him.

After all, the prices of high tier and high ranked beasts were beyond imaginary, and Felix had to target only the best if he wanted to have high chances of finding the Jörmungandr bloodline.


3 days later...

The fatty worm delivered Felix's items to his room and left in a haste, like being around Felix was an insult to his existence.

Felix never bothered or cared about this fatty opinion or behavior. The only thing that mattered to him was to have his stuff delivered safely without delay.

Felix quickly put all of the items that were laying on the ground in his spatial card.

Afterward, he sat on the carpet while leaving only the high-grade stones. He didn't plan to use the medium-grade stones for his affinity enhancement, but keep them as a tool for recovering his elemental energy in the future. After all, elemental stones were primary used for recovery.

"Asna, wake up, please. It's time to start the affinity enhancement." Felix called politely without acting spiteful like he always does, as his immunity training was still not finished.

He really didn't want the same to happen, as last time when he woke her up for the 2nd integration.

That day his immunity training shenanigan was almost discovered by Asna after she called him 'sweety' with a seductive tone to let her continue sleeping.

Felix almost had his heart burst after imagining her calling him like that while sleeping seductively with her breathtaking beauty.

Fortunately, Asna was too sleepy to pay attention to his reaction or read his thoughts.

That's why Felix decided to keep minimum contact with her and call her only when it was necessary.

Just like in this case.

"Asna? I know that you are hearing me."

"Wake up already to get this over with."

Felix repeatedly called for her. Yet still no answer. Finally not able to handle it, he began cursing like usual, "You old witch, do you only respond to curses and sticks like a donkey or what?" He added in vexation while rubbing his eyebrows, "Can't you just listen for once without having me insulting you?"

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Asna murmured softly while covering herself tightly with the blanket. "Put your hands on the stones. Let me see if I can absorb them while asleep."

Felix didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this new level of laziness. But he still did as he was told and put a stone on his hand. A moment later, he saw a dark green mist of energy enters through the pores of his hands rapidly.

After seeing so, he didn't let a single peep about her lazy way of absorbing the stones.

Awake or asleep he didn't give a crap. As long as she gets the job done he wouldn't mind her sleeping for eternity.

Shortly after, the entire stone turned dark and broke into small pieces, marking the successful absorption. However, Felix felt nothing, like there was a black hole inside his body sucking all the energy, leaving him none.

"Keep them coming." Asna requested softly while drooling with a foolish smile. One can only wonder what she was dreaming about.

Felix kept holding one stone after another, and each time he finished absorbing one; only cracked black stone was left behind.

This process lasted for over an hour until all high-grade stones he bought were absorbed by Asna.

Felix stared at the heap of cracked stones that were laying in front of him in anguish.

18 million SC worth of materials just got devoured within an hour.

But his pained expression instantly got replaced with contentment, as pure elemental energy that he never experienced before, caressed his body gently, like a mother warm embrace.

Felix asked with his eyes closed in utter euphoria. "What's going on Asna? Why do I feel like my body is being caressed gently by the universe?"

Asna did not explain fully all the details, she merely gave him the shortest explanation ever with a soft murmur. "Absorb, purify, enhance."

Felix did not lash out at her, as at this point, the only thing that he was focusing on was enjoying this pleasure that beat anything he felt before.

Unfortunately, the intensity of it got weaker and weaker by time, until his body returned to its original state.

Felix opened his eyes with a hint of regret after it was over. He knew that there must be a limit to how much he could enhance his affinity on daily basis. Otherwise, Asna would not have given him duration during the process.

He could have simply absorbed everything within an hour and reached a peak.

The only thing he could not figure out was why so. He was currently between two reasons.

One, it was due to a digestion period, since the body couldn't keep absorbing such a heavenly pure energy continuously without consequences.

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Two, Asna had a limit to the amount of energy she could purify on daily basis. Thus, he could only get fed after she reached her full capacity.

"Fuck, why does the second theory sounds more like breastfeeding!?" He exclaimed in exasperation at the close similarity between them.

'Well, getting breastfed by Asna might not be that bad.'

The instant that thought appeared in his mind, he automatically began his well trained defensive protocol.

'Red Sheep, Blue Sheep, everyone is sheep, me sheep, he sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep ...'

He kept mentioning sheep over and over and, over again, to bury that thought deep within, so Asna wouldn't be able to find it later when she gets bored and start reading his memories.

After all, if she wanted to find that thought exactly, she had to listen to him mentioning sheep for over 10 minutes continuously! Felix used this protocol every time his thoughts had a relation to Asna's beauty, and so far he was still not found.

After seeing that he said more than enough, Felix stopped and slapped both of his cheeks to regain his focus. He then exiled all of those thoughts that might expose him to Asna.

After doing so, his thinking returned optimal again and began to ponder deeply about the unlikeness of the second theory being correct.

After all, Asna could literally absorb and purify energy while asleep without a single effort or a problem.

So, it was only within reason that she wasn't going to have any difficulties afterward.

On the other hand, the first theory sounded more plausible. As humans bodies couldn't handle the purest elemental energy in the universe just like other races that were born to eat it for lunch.

This meant, his body was the one limiting him. Regardless, he could only sigh dejectedly over this unsolvable situation, and absorb the energy that Asna was going to hand him each day obediently.

Shortly after, he retrieved the mountain of broken stones in his spatial card and called for the Queen to scan him, hoping to see if there was any improvement in his affinity rating.

So, with crossed fingers, he read his results that were being displayed on a hologram.

//"Race: Human

Gender: Male

Element Affinity: Poison, Illusion

Affinity Rating:

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Poison: 60.5%

Illusion: 12% //

Immediately after seeing his affinity rating, he could only smile foolishly after finally taking a successful first step towards 100%.

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