What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?
Chapter 1076: Getting The Princess Treatment

*Some time ago*

(Cai Hong POV)

Nngh… This is so irritating… Why did Mother have to do all of this when Father already said He had no wish to change Himself?

Yet, I know that even though Mother is like this, Father still loves her because that is how Father is like.

If I had to choose, the current Father would be most preferable and as such, He was the Father I would like to keep.

But this fight that she's having with my big sisters would definitely cause Father to change in some way, there was no doubt about that.

Mother obviously wanted Father to go back to His past self which no one but herself wanted and as much as I trusted my big sisters, I know that they would definitely try to make Father 'better' as well.

That's why… Since it came down to this, I just needed to take some parts of Father for myself…

The first thing I did was to make another Plane of Existence and created my own World inside of it.

Once that was done, I went ahead to start my own operation of going to those parallel Universes to find Father and bring Him there.

It was simple for me to open up a rift between Universes so I managed to find one where Father had taken over the country and was now the king.

If my senses was right, Father should be walking around in the castle right now so I went there to find Him.

Since I don't exist here in this Universe, I was an outsider but that wasn't too big of a deal for me, especially since there wasn't anyone around here that could match me in strength.

While walking towards where Father was,I briefly considered how I should approach Him.

Deciding it would be better that I appear as the form that my current Father was most familiar with, I reverted myself back into my child form, just as Father turned around the corner in the corridor.

Unfortunately, Father was also accompanied by guards who drew their weapons as soon as they saw me.

"Who goes there?!" One of them shouted.

I ignored them and tried to run towards Father, turning my childish charm up to its maximum.

"Papa! Papa! Huggies!!"

I was, of course, not expecting to reach Father seeing that I do not actually exist in this Universe, so this version of Father does not know who I am. I just needed to get a little bit closer to Father but the annoying guards still barred my way.

Why would they be so vigilant of a small child?

Again, this was a small setback that I could solve quite easily, so I just need to prepare to manipulate a little bit of--

"Cai Hong?! What are you doing here?!"


Pa… Papa?

Papa pushed His way out from those weird men and picked Cai Hong up to give huggies.

Ehehe~ Papa's huggies! They are so warm! It makes Cai Hong feel fuzzy and happy!

"Cai Hong? How are you here?"

Papa knows Cai Hong? But how? There is no Cai Hong in this 'uniwerse' right?

"Ugh… Let me guess… You wanted to play with Papa but you couldn't find me, so you ripped open a rift to find me, didn't you?"

Ehehe~ Papa is so funny! Cai Hong cuddles!

"Ahh… I should have known something like this might happen…" Papa said, giving Cai Hong head pats.

Ehehe~ Head pats~

"Your Majesty? Do you know this girl?" One of the weird men asked.

Muuuu… Can't he see Papa is patting Cai Hong now? No disturb! Go away!

Look, look! Papa stopped patting Cai Hong already! It's your fault!!

Papa looked at weird man, "Ah… Sorry, I suppose I'll have to give up on this universe. And here I thought this one might be quite interesting too."

Papa saying weird things too?

Eh? Weird men suddenly went poof? Ah! Papa also not wearing weird clothes anymore!

Muuu? Castle also went poof? Ahh! This is Cai Hong's spacey! The spacey Cai Hong made to stay with Papa!

"Oh? What's this? You actually made a separate plane of existence? Ohh… You wanted to run away from the fight huh… Sorry, I should have thought about this before. Don't worry, Papa is here now."

Papa hugged Cai Hong closer and waved His hand around the spacey Cai Hong made.

Waaa! Cai Hong's spacey suddenly became a big grassy place! So cool!!

"Does Cai Hong want to have anything?"

Mmm? Papa ask what Cai Hong want?

"Cai Hong want Papa!"

"Ahaha, I meant anything else aside from me?"

Umm… Cai Hong also wanted something else… What weird thingy… Ummm…

"Ah!! Cai Hong want two 'presents'!"

"Two presents? What two presents?"

"Muuu!! Not presents! 'Presents'!"

Papa tilted His head then laughed, "Ahaha! Oh, I get it! You wanted two percent of me eh? Just so that in case of a tie they won't go beyond fifty percent? Ahahaha! Alright, alright, let me just do that then. Let's see… I guess there's a couple of these universes that aren't as interesting as I thought they would be… Let's just remove those… And done!"

Cai Hong clapped hands, "Yayyyy~"

"Haha, Does Cai Hong want anything else?"

"Papa! Cuddles! 'Pwincess'!!"

"Oh, does seeing me being a king make you want to be a princess? Well, what my little Cai Hong want, you shall get~"

Papa waved his hand again and a castle appeared! A 'bwig' castle!!

Cai Hong looked at Papa, "Is Cai Hong 'pwincess now?"

Papa laughed, "Not yet, I just need to add just one more detail…"

Muuu? Cai Hong feels different?

Papa put a big mirror and showed Cai Hong.

Waaaa! Cai Hong is in a pretty dress! And there's a… A… Umm… Uuummm…

"How do you like your tiara?" Papa asked.

"It's shiny! And 'pwetty'! I wuv you Papa!!"

"Awww you cute little thing~ Have a cookie."

Waaahh! Papa's cookie!! This is the best!! I wuv you so much Papa!!

Nom nom nom…

"Hmm… Let's see… I guess we could wait out the rest of the fight here undisturbed so might as well make ourselves comfortable. Let's populate this World… Create a new Origin for everyone… Alter everyone's perception… There we go."

Uwaaa~ The 'bwig' castle became a 'bwig' city! And there are a lot of people!

"Good morning your Majesty and princess Cai Hong. It is time for your daily dessert session," a weird looking old man said to us.

Cai Hong looked at Papa and Papa nodded at Cai Hong.

"Over here, it's constantly dessert and head pat sessions. Shall we go, princess Cai Hong?"

"Yes Papa!!"

Ahhh!! Papa is best Papa!!

Chapter 1076: Getting The Princess Treatment
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