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Chapter 5 21 hours ago

Minor spoiler for those who haven't read it yet So the characters have better development than most wuxia novels. Unfortunately there are more bad points than good points. 1. The girls are getting introduced way to fast without further development. If I remember correctly, chapter 1-10 is a great example. Then he gets a loli dragon and another girl he rescued from bandits or smth. 2. There is no clear definition of cultivation. There are levels on how proficient one is able to use their quarks but that's about it. There is evidence that the author clearly didn't do much research on cultivation 3. Please and I mean PLEASE keep Japanese crap out of cultivation novels unless it's a minor reference like a Jojo joke or something, not that arc that lasted 100ish chapters. now for the good points 1. This story is actually written pretty well, not cringey like 'epic of a butterfly' or something. 2. The characters have clear back story and development, more than those in wuxia novels but they all just become yanderes way too fast which makes no sense and then they just have no more proper development.

Chapter n/a 3 days ago

It's good if u make it past 220 chapters cause the hometown arc is really bad but aside from that it's a story about mc and his Yandere disciples and story mainly focus on them. All in all it depends on the people reading whether they will like it or not. It's not something u wanna binge read but it can be a fun read if u make past the infamous arc.

Chapter 14 5 days ago

Its very interesting at the beginning with all the lore set up and all but when the girls got introduced I couldn't help but notice a predictable pattern. The story has so much potential with its premise but unfortunately the author really sidelined all the fantastical stuff that makes the story interesting. And it is important to note that this mainly focuses on the relationship between mc and his disciples. But it is not trying to be something its not so that's a plus (mainly what you expect from the title is what you get). Good overall but it really needs some touchups specifically in the world building. Though the relationship part is good.

Chapter 13 9 days ago

Mc is op and very carefree, there is not much things to look forward to except his disciples. Anyways the 5th girl on the image looks like a gay no cap.

Chapter 119 14 days ago

Not worth it all I can say. GETS TOO ANNOYING and REPETITIVE. I MEAN AGHHHHH its feels so bad reading certain chapters. If you have nothing to read, you can read it for time pass.

Chapter 166 24 days ago

It's okay. It's basically Eminence in Shadow(To Be a Power in the Shadows) but with way more focus on the girls rescued by the MC, the harem actually goes somewhere, and a slightly different MC that is less chunnibyou but just as OP and dense. It's extremely lacking in the creativity department. The biggest issue I have with this web novel is how often the author breaks the fourth wall. I hate when the author talks to the reader, and it's done here constantly. You're better off just reading something else because quite a few of the arcs are terribly boring. Here, I'll summarize 90% of this web novel for you: Today I(The MC) patted my disciples heads, fluffed their tails, told everyone how cute Cai Hong is. (Disciples) MC is so amazing, I hope he fucks me today. The end. No, seriously. That's it. Anyone who has read this will agree that I just accurately summarized practically the entire web novel. This web novel author has gained quite the following just from regurgitating the same crap to his readers and they ate it up.

Chapter 817 25 days ago

Personally, a 5 if u like a god-like overpowered mc and tons of harem girls. It's mostly a chill novel with the mc mostly oblivious about his actions but it's relaxing in a way. Treat it as a slice of life with op moments and no need to use your brain.

Chapter 63 25 days ago

It's good I am at 40 chapter but it's funny and doesn't wonder around its true to its name And same story doesn't make it boring It's good funny 😁 🤭 🤭 🤭 🤭

Diabalo1 (Banned)
Chapter 56 25 days ago

So ok I have read upto 50 chapters and here's my review. Start is good. Author knows how to handle comedy using tropes quite well. Most people don't like this cause of 1st fmc tragic backstory. Well if u are a mature person u will not behave like those people. The girls are Yandere to the extreme level and sometime u will get scared at their Yanderness for mc. Mc is op but acts like some clueless jp mc and will appear quite dense in the beginning but it was cause he wanted a relaxing life and refused to believe the common sense and girls behavior but don't worry the relationship progress quite early with every girl. I heard author himself saying that family arc is not his best and he and many readers said that aside from family arc the novel is good,

Chapter 3 26 days ago

Ok, this novel is actually too funny. Not even 10 chapters in and I couldn't read any further cause my eyes were blurry from crying cause I was laughing so hard. I fucking love this.