Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 4: Cruelly Destroying Flowers

“Miss Yang, do you know him?” Lin Feng asked in a low voice as he helped Yang Lan up, his eyes fixed on Gu Nan.

“Yeah, I know him. He is Gu… Gu Nian’s younger brother.”

When she said Gu Nian’s name, Yang Lan’s expression obviously darkened. She was also a child of a rich family, so she knew about the Gu family marrying off their daughter to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at Gu Nan with a strange gaze. He couldn’t figure out why a member of the Gu family would ambush Yang Lan.

“If you’re Gu Nian’s younger brother, then why are you attacking Yang Lan? Aren’t you afraid of starting a war between the two families?” Lin Feng shouted coldly. Even now, he still believed that Gu Nan was here for Yang Lan.

Gu Nan smiled. He didn’t intend to say anything at all as he took a step forward and threw a punch at Lin Feng.

Although it was a simple punch, Lin Feng felt like he didn’t know how to deal with it.

He had countless precious martial arts techniques and a sturdy foundation of internal energy. The other party’s attack wasn’t complicated at all, and there were no illusory changes. But such a punch…

Too fast!

In terms of martial arts ability alone, Lin Feng was actually much better than the earlier Zhang Qing and Zhang Yuan, but his realm was still similar to theirs. Therefore, Lin Feng was equally helpless in the face of a Tier 2 Evil God’s physical strength.

With superb strength and explosive force, plus the 50% attack speed bonus, Lin Feng could barely see the punch clearly; his body had no time to react.


The punch hit Lin Feng’s face. The fist landed on the Soldier King’s handsome face, fracturing his facial bones.

Lin Feng was knocked to the ground in an instant. The whole process only took half a second. It was so fast that Yang Lan’s bodyguard had already been defeated before she could even respond.

“You, how did you…” Yang Lan pointed to Gu Nan, who appeared suddenly, her voice trembling a little.

She couldn’t understand why Lin Feng, a martial arts master who could efficiently deal with three or five burly men, would be knocked down by someone with one punch.

And the one who defeated him was actually Second Brother Gu, who had always been overlooked…

Lin Feng passed out. Gu Nan picked him up with one hand and with the other hand, he swept up Yang Lan’s delicate body and quickly carried the two away.


Inside a small bungalow on the west side of Feng City, a girl with a ponytail was moving around in the kitchen, where a delicious aroma wafted out.

An old man with white beard and hair sat in the living room, peacefully smoking a big cigarette while listening to the actors singing on TV.

It actually wasn’t easy for someone’s hair, eyebrows, and beard to all become white like this. He looked like an immortal Daoist.

The old man’s surname was Li. He turned 86 years old this year. Few people knew that he was a revered authority in the martial arts community thirty years ago. Later, when he got on in years, he went into seclusion with his granddaughter in the downtown area. Recently, he also took on an apprentice…


The sound of a porcelain basin falling to the ground came from the kitchen. Old Man Li quickly got up and jogged there, only to see the ponytail girl crying while kneeling on the ground.

“Grandpa… S-something happened to Little Feng!”


When Lin Feng regained consciousness, he found himself tied to a chair by a rope, while Yang Lan and that “Second Brother Gu” were beside him.

Campus Beauty Yang’s fancy face was pale. Nobody knew what kind of inhumane treatment she had received.

Lin Feng immediately felt an evil rage rushing up to his forehead, and stood up abruptly with the chair. “Do you think you can actually bind me, Lin Feng, with these ropes?!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Feng gave a loud shout. The ropes all over his body tore apart inch by inch, and he rushed towards Gu Nan at an astonishing speed.

However, in the next instant, he flew back at an even faster speed.

“Silly child, did you forget how you became tied up?” Gu Nan shook his head helplessly.

“Second Brother Gu, you’re already so powerful. Why must you still make Lin Feng’s life difficult?” Yang Lan, who saw this scene, covered her mouth and forced a smile onto her face.

Gu Nan waved his hand. “I don’t have any grudge against this kid. I just want to find out about a matter.”

“Ah? What matter…” Yang Lan couldn’t help but panic when she heard that Gu Nan’s target was actually herself.

Gu Nan paused for a while and didn’t speak. He grabbed Yang Lan’s chin with one hand and lifted her head. He looked directly at those beautiful big eyes and asked in a low voice, “How did you and Lin Feng meet?”

“He’s my bodyguard. That’s how I met him…”

Gu Nan smiled. He swiftly grabbed a knife from the side and casually threw it towards Lin Feng.


Blood splattered in all directions. The knife directly pierced through Lin Feng’s shoulder, causing him to thrash around on the ground. Lin Feng, who had been trying his best to get up, fell down again.

“Ahh… Mmph!”

Gu Nan covered Yang Lan’s mouth with one hand and prevented her from screaming.

“You personally recommended Lin Feng to Yang Zhengting. Do you think the Gu family’s intelligence network is blind?” Gu Nan sneered, “I’ll give you one last chance. Even if I kill him today, nobody will trouble me over a dead person.”

Perhaps Gu Nan’s threat worked, or perhaps Yang Lan thought it wasn’t a very important matter. In any case, she spilled the beans and began to recount how she met Lin Feng.

The story was very ridiculous. Yang Lan had a best friend named Li Jingying, who was Lin Feng’s childhood sweetheart. The two of them met through Li Jingying.

“So much dog blood[1]… Yup, that seems to be the truth.” Gu Nan judged using a strange logic.

Li Jingying was indeed a member of Lin Feng’s harem. The Gu family’s intelligence network also revealed this.

Lin Feng was like a person who had the protagonist template of “Urban Soldier King” in one of the novels in Gu Nan’s previous life. There were many things about him that didn’t make sense, and among them, the strangest one was naturally his peach blossom luck[2].

Things like learning martial arts, becoming the Soldier King, and returning to his hometown were still reasonable, but the continuous appearance of an outrageous number of women was extremely strange.

If there really was a mastermind behind this, then the appearance of these women was undoubtedly the easiest place to find any clues.

“Childhood sweetheart, huh?” Gu Nan rubbed his chin and seemed to be one step closer to the truth.

It just so happened that the subject of his musings arrived right then.


The gate of the underground warehouse where Gu Nan was located was smashed open, revealing two figures, one tall and one short.

The tall one was a girl with a ponytail, and the short one was an old man emitting the aura of an immortal Daoist.

It was precisely Li Jingying and her grandfather, Li Qinghui—the revered authority in the martial arts community back then who was referred to as the “Hand of Extinction”.

“Grandpa, Little Feng is up ahead!” Li Jingying held a jade pendant in her hand. It radiated a faint light, guiding them in the right direction.

When Gu Nan saw the two coming over, he absentmindedly threw Yang Lan away and looked at the ponytail girl with interest. “Are you Li Jingying?”

“That’s me… Little Feng!” Just when Li Jingying replied, she saw Lin Feng, who had crawled up from a pool of blood. Her beautiful face immediately paled, and she rushed towards him without another word.

“Don’t come here!” Lin Feng was startled and hurriedly tried to stop Li Jingying’s movements, but it was too late.

Gu Nan’s figure disappeared. In an instant, he reappeared in front of Li Jingying and landed a punch to the girl’s abdomen!


[1] Dog blood: Melodramatic, contrived, absurd; think the plot of dramas[2] Peach blossom luck: Has good luck with the ladies

Chapter 4: Cruelly Destroying Flowers
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