Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 6: The Wedding Begins, Famous Martial Artists Gather

For true martial arts masters, even leaves and flower petals could hurt people. Gu Nian was undoubtedly an expert at this level.

She threw the thin photo like it was a sharp concealed weapon, which slashed across Gu Nan's neck.

The sound of metal hitting metal came again. Gu Nan didn't even try to dodge as he immediately took the attack with his neck. He wasn’t actually trying to show off—rather, he had no other alternative, because Gu Nian was already in front of him by this point.

Ever since Gu Nan's advancement to Tier 2, he had slaughtered every opponent in his path. Not even the old man who looked very skilled was a match for him, and this made him somewhat arrogant.

And arrogant people would inevitably be taught a lesson.

Taking advantage of the "concealed weapon" to attack first, Gu Nian made the first move and immediately made Gu Nan fall into a disadvantage.

In Gu Nan's perspective, the opponent's physique wasn't strong. At most, it was slightly better than the old man's, but even so, it wasn’t by much.

However, every time he exchanged blows with the opponent, there was a strange force on Gu Nian’s hands that neutralized most of his strength. And every time a punch landed on him, that strange force would quickly burrow into his body like a snake.

After a few rounds, Gu Nan felt countless small snakes roaming his body, and his movements began to deform.

What Gu Nan didn't know was that Gu Nian was even more frightened right now.

She had long seen that Gu Nan used external kung fu. In the martial arts world, people who used external kung fu to reach Innate Realm would ultimately be inferior to those who used traditional internal kung fu to do so, no matter in terms of combat strength or status.

When internal kung fu masters reached the Innate Realm, they could flexibly use their internal energy and bring unspeakable misery to any external kung fu users they fought. Moreover, internal energy was more effective for maintaining one’s health, so their life expectancy would also be longer than that of external kung fu masters.

Generally speaking, only warriors who had no hope of ever cultivating internal energy would specialize in external kung fu.

‘But my younger brother… There has never been anyone in the martial arts world with this level of external kung fu mastery!’

‘Although external kung fu masters have greater physical strength, I’ve never heard of someone resisting internal energy with just their body alone!’

Ordinary external kung fu masters would be unable to get up after even a few blows infused with internal energy, but she had clearly punched the other party dozens of times, yet he still seemed okay.

After their fists collided once more, Gu Nan and Gu Nian stepped back at the same time.

Gu Nan swung his hand and even jumped twice, as if to shake the "little snakes" off his body. Gu Nian, on the other hand, hurriedly adjusted her breathing—their crazy exchange of blows earlier almost made her unable to catch her breath.

"So this is internal energy? How interesting." When the little snakes were completely removed, Gu Nan smiled at his bewildered sister and turned around to leave.

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The battle with Gu Nian was within Gu Nan’s expectations, but the process was worth pondering.

‘It seems that after reaching Innate Realm, those martial arts masters who cultivate internal energy have a certain amount of combat power. Innate Realm is probably equivalent to Tier 2?’

‘That old man Li was so weak. Mostly because I attacked too quickly, so he was already defeated before he even had a chance to mobilize his internal energy…’

“Oh… Is that to say, once internal energy experts encounter sneak attacks, they may not actually be as strong?’

Gu Nan summarized the level of this world’s experts and the weaknesses that he could use.

In fact, he also understood the inherent difference between himself and those Innate Realm external kung fu experts. The so-called external Innate Realm experts relied entirely on external forces to temper their bodies, which left countless internal wounds on themselves, and the tempering effect was only surface-level.

On the other hand, Gu Nan used the power of the Evil God Temple to advance himself, so his physique improved from the inside out, which was much better than the external kung fu masters.


After Gu Nan left, Gu Nian slowly returned to her original seat, but a dark shadow gradually appeared beside her.

"Miss, do you need me to investigate this Gu Nan—"

"No need," Gu Nian interrupted without hesitation, "no matter what fortuitous encounters he had, he’s still my brother, so it’ll be hard to settle my karma… When the matter concludes here, I might as well take him with me when I return."

"To attract such troublesome karma for no reason, the gains from this reincarnation really weren't worth the losses." The black shadow's voice was a little soft and a little old. It was difficult to distinguish if it was male or female.

The voice paused, then spoke again, "Miss, it’s all good if that item really is inside the Sword Demon's inheritance. But if it turns out to be just a rumor... We don't have much time left."

Hearing this, Gu Nian also seemed a little worried and could only comfort herself, "We’ve searched several suspicious places already, and only the Sword Demon’s inheritance is left."

"Besides, it's too late to say this now. Whether or not we’ll succeed will become clear tonight."


In the evening, all the upper class members of Feng City were mobilized and came to a high-end hotel west of the city.

There was nothing they could do about it. After all, this was the grand wedding for the Gu family’s Eldest Miss, and her future husband had recently become the hottest news in the city. He was Lin Feng, the person who had ties with several different organizations.

The hotel’s location in the west of the city was a little bit off. The quality wasn’t the best either, but it’s said that the Gu family’s Eldest Miss had personally picked this location, so everyone could only make do with it.

"President Wang, you also came?"

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"Oh! Isn't this our Boss Sun? The Gu family head personally sent the invitation. Who wouldn’t give him this face..."

"That's right!"

At this time, there was still half an hour left before the wedding, but most of the guests had already arrived. The Gu family placed great importance on this wedding. Not only did they widely issue invitations, but they also used their network to spread news of the occasion.

Many elders who ordinarily wouldn’t appear were also invited to the wedding.

To put it bluntly, most of Feng City’s influential people were inside this hotel right now. If someone launched a missile here, they could immediately paralyze the whole city.

"The groom is here! The groom... eh? Young Master Feng, what’s the meaning of this?"

A disturbance came from the doorway. Many people looked towards it and saw Lin Feng entering with a dark expression, a large team following behind him.

There were probably a dozen people behind Lin Feng, all with white hair and wrinkled faces, but their auras were quite extraordinary. One could tell at first glance that they certainly weren’t ordinary people.

The host in the lobby was Gu Xinming, the Gu family’s third eldest. He hurriedly came forward to welcome them and stop the group. "Lin Feng, what are you doing?"

Lin Feng reluctantly cupped his hands and said, "Third Uncle, all of them are my seniors. They’re here to seek justice for my master..."

"Seniors?" Gu Xinming looked at the dozen or so old men suspiciously.

"That’s right!" An old man behind Lin Feng hmph’ed heavily and stepped forward. "This one is Zhang Songhe of Eight Goose Sect!"

"Yama Martial Sect's Shen Ruo!"

"The inheritor of the Nine Fists technique, Chen Bowen!"

"Earnest Sword, Wang Mingxin!"

"Tyrant Fist, Yan Dong!"


By the time the dozen or so old men had finished reporting their names, everyone present was already silent. These high-ranking figures in Feng City more or less knew about the martial arts world, and right now, they were startled.

These people... were all famous martial arts legends!

All of them were martial arts masters who had been famous for decades!

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Like thunder piercing the ear! Famous all over the world!

Just what kind of matter and what kind of person would be able to provoke these dozen or so famous masters at once?

Zhang Songhe, who seemed to be the leader, stepped forward and said in a deep voice, "We, a dozen old bastards, are here to seek justice for our martial arts senior— ‘Hand of Extinction,' Mr. Li Qinghui!"

"Gu Nan, you rascal! You dared to kill Mr. Li, but do you dare to show yourself!?"

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MC's Status Information

Name: Gu Nan

Current Location: In a high-end hotel west of Feng City, transmigrated world

Status: ⟪ Evil God ⟫

Advancement Direction: Agility Type

Current Evil God Rank: Tier 2

Equivalent Martial Art: External Kung Fu Master - Innate Realm

Current Quest:

Evil Event: Elder Sister Gu Nian’s Wedding.

Current Evil Points: 206, Overall Evil Points: 506, Overall Evil Value: 11

Exclusive Skills Acquired:

Deceitful Steps. 「Movement Speed increased by 30%. Attack Speed increased by 50%」

Item/s owned:

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The Dragons Jade. 「An infamous jade pendant to the martial world. It is known as the treasure of fortune, and those who obtain it can receive all the luck of the world. Moreover, the Dragon Jade is connected to Sword Demon Mo Bai's inheritance.」

Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Chapter 6: The Wedding Begins, Famous Martial Artists Gather
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