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Chapter 65: Longevity Potion Effect

Everyone in the room broke out of their daze after hearing Robert's forehead smack into the floor carpet.


"Fuck! Robert, don't you dare die on me now!"

Albert quickly rushed to Robert's side and knelt next to him, preparing to provide chest compression or CPR if his heart stopped beating.

As for now, Robert appeared to be only having symptoms of a heart attack since he kept clutching his chest with a twisted expression. It seemed like the squeezing pain in the center of his chest made it difficult for him to breathe.

If this carried on, his death wouldn't be a farfetched ending.

Abraham quickly took his phone out and called for the medical team in the building, who was responsible for the medical health of the juniors, to rush here asap.

Meanwhile, Olivia kept running all over the room like a headless chicken, having no clue what she was supposed to do.

Helpless, Felix sighed and took the longevity potion from his spatial card, planning to feed it to his Grandfather.

He never wanted things to go this way, as he preferred to hand it when he was alone with his Grandfather, to avoid more unnecessary questions.

If he explained to his grandfather how he bought it, he could leave taking care of the elders to him. But now, he could only use it in front of the elders, who would definitely skin him alive after hearing its price tag.

'Well, change of plans, I guess.'

Unlike the rest, who were losing their shit, Felix approached his grandfather and sat near his head. He then forcefully opened Robert's mouth and emptied all the white content of the potion inside, not giving the elders a chance to stop him.

"What the hell are you doing, Felix? Have you lost your mind?!"

Livid, Carter jumped on Felix and dragged him away from Robert, who lay on the floor unmoving like a corpse after drinking that potion.

No one could blame him, though, as it was a too foolish move to feed a person who has a heart attack with an unknown substance.

It could only make his condition worse and even straightaway kill him!

Just like the current case, Robert's heart completely stopped beating, scaring the shit out of everyone.

Immediately, Albert started doing CPR and chest compression in between each pause.

No one bothered with Felix anymore or scolded him. They watched Albert trying his best to revive Robert while holding their breath nervously.

Nonchalant at being seized underneath Carter like a criminal, Felix coughed to get their attention and said, "Elder, you can stop. You won't be able to revive him." He quickly explained after seeing their murderous gazes, "I fed him a longevity potion. It will remove all of his diseases at once and also provide him with immunity to them for the next 300 years that he will live."

"He will wake up automatically after the reconstruction process is over. Don't waste your breath." He said, chuckling.

Albert's folded hands instantly froze mid-air after hearing the name of the dream potion he always wanted but never had the capital to get it.

It wasn't just him who acted like this, but every elder in the room froze as well. Even the youngest of them all, Charlotte.

After all, the entire reason they were using coins they earned not on themselves but their juniors was but an investment for the future.

A future where one of their children made it big and gifted them a longevity potion that cost almost one million SC.

However, not in their wildest dreams would they have thought that Robert would drink one in front of them this early without even being aware of it.

Albert stared at Robert's peaceful face and wanted nothing more than to slap him hard in the face for having such a grandson that spent his entire fortune on him. Meanwhile, his granddaughter didn't even give him a call once a month.

Such filial pity was almost extinct in the current age.

The silence did not last long, as it was quickly broken by Felix's whining, "Elder Carter, can you get up already? My hair is being dirtied from lying on the floor. It takes a lot of effort each day to wash it."

"Who gives a shit about your hair!" Abraham roared with a booming voice, "You better confess how much SC you own!!"

"Felix, it is clearly impossible to obtain both the legendary bloodline and also the longevity Potion with only 1 million SC, no matter how much you think about it," Charlotte said, composed as always.

"I was planning to explain everything at once in detail, but grandpa just had to steal the spotlight and act dead. It's not my fault." He said.

"Alright, let's wait for Robert to wake up. Then you can share everything." She returned to her seat and put one leg above the other, waiting for Robert to wake up from the reconstruction process.

The rest followed after her and reseated as well. Only Carter stayed in his position, uncaring about Felix's cries.

"Elder, I think it's better to cancel the medical call." Olivia suggested softly.

"Oh, thank you for reminding me, little Oli." Abraham patted Olivia, who was sitting next to him, and quickly canceled the medical call. It was much better to have as few outsiders as possible when dealing with such sensitive matters.


Fortunately, Robert did not keep them waiting for long, as he woke up a bit muddled a couple of minutes later.

"Why do I feel like I am back to my twenties?" He murmured while touching his heart with a frown.

He then applied force on his neck but felt nothing, followed by his lower back, but still felt nothing. He kept applying pressure on all of the body parts used to torture him due to his old age. Yet, he only felt comfort each time, making his face light up brighter and brighter after each attempt.

Relieved and quite happy, Felix stared at his Grandfather, who was touching himself up like a kid.

"Worth it." He murmured.

That's the only thing he could say to express his joy after seeing one of his previous regrets get finally resolved.

However, his joy was quickly replaced by shame after seeing his grandfather putting his hand in his nether region with clear expectations written on his face.

Shortly after, Robert stood up with his hands in the air shouting out loud like a deranged madman. "My dragon has revived after 30 years of dormant!"

Felix just buried his head in the ground, trying his best not to associate himself with his grandfather after seeing such shameful behavior.

Meanwhile, The elderly men all gave Robert a dirty look with a hint of envy.

As for Charlotte and Olivia, one just stared calmly, unbothered about the farce, and the other covered her eyes with her fingers while peeking from the gaps with a flushed face.

"Enough embarrassing your grandson, old geezer." Albert smacked Robert's bald head to vent some of his envy and said, "You are making him regret gifting you the longevity potion."

Robert did not even lash out at Albert. He stared at Felix in bewilderment after realizing that his body rebirth was due to the longevity potion and not some miracle he assumed in his mind.

Yet, the first thing that came out of his mouth was not gratitude but scolding, "You little bastard, Why did you waste a million on these old bones?" He added in anguish, "You could have bought resources to help you reach a higher level than your peers, or at least invest that capital in business within the UVR."

"So many things could have been done with it." If he weren't bald, he would have pulled his hair out in frustration.

"I can always earn those later someway or another." Felix shook his head and smiled, "But you only have one life, and I would be a fool if I didn't use what I earned to cure your disease and add some extra years." He chided, "With your drinking habit, you might flat out die tomorrow. I can't risk it."

Everyone had their tongue-tied after hearing his claim. After all, to be selfless to your own kin was a virtue worthy of respect by anyone.

Robert could only grin foolishly while poking Albert in his temples. "How do you find my grandson. Hm? Not bad, right?" He placed his arm around Albert's shoulder and continued bragging with a smirk."You always mock me, saying that I wasted too many assets on a good for nothing kid. Hehe, whose laughing now."

Irritated, Albert could only lower his head and accept his taunting in silence. He knew that nothing he said would be good enough as a retort since Robert was completely right.

He indeed mocked and threw some insults at Robert each time he saw him trading his assets to negate young Felix's punishments.

For a cheapskate person like him to see that happening in front of him, he honestly could not resist mocking Robert for it.

But now the tables had turned, the wastrel he was mocking helped his grandfather add 300 years to his longevity, while his granddaughter wasn't even interested in this awakening crap after he taught her laboriously in her young age to only live for money and money.

"Alright, enough bragging Robert. We still have unfinished business with Felix." Abraham quickly saved Albert by mentioning the ongoing questioning.

"Alright, I will visit this old coot later in his room to continue our delightful conversation." Robert smiled in Felix's direction and said, "Felix get it over with, and tell them what they want to hear."

Carter understood the cue and helped the irritated Felix to stand up.

"Elder, you really need to lose some weight."

Pained, Felix massaged his back and returned to his seat, planning to continue his bullshit from where he left.

"As I said before, I am bound by a contract I made when I obtained the Legendary bloodline. Hence I can't explain the details of the bloodline." He dusted his hair gently while uttering, "But I can tell you how I obtained it."

"Good, that's what we want to hear in the first place." Abraham said.

"Well, After winning the million SC. I thought it was my lucky day, so I decided to participate in some market lotteries." He smiled, "I joined each one I could find until the number of tickets I purchased raised to 150 with a total of 150.000 SC."

"So you are telling us you wasted 150.000 SC in lotteries?!" Abraham mumbled under his breath in disbelief, not daring to entertain the thought that Felix just wasted that much in a f*cking lottery!

Who could blame him, though?

150,000 SC was 30% of the entire training camp budget!

"I am gonna kill you, little bastard!"

He immediately dashed towards Felix with bloodshed eyes trying to rip him apart.

Fortunately, everyone held him back before he committed a crime.

Felix stopped trying to build suspense and instantly said everything at once after seeing the enraged elder. He honestly could not afford to play with their emotions anymore.

"I lost every lottery ticket, except the bloodline one, which I managed to win the big prize of the month. and it was a legendary tier 1 beast." He added swiftly to ease Abraham's fury, "In other words, I spent 150.000 SC to obtain a Legendary bloodline that could only be bought in auctions with outrageous prices."

"He is right. He truly obtained it as a bargain." Charlotte nodded her head and asked, "I guess you used the remaining coins to buy the longevity potion. right?"

Felix only nodded in agreement, as this was much better than he planned to bullshit with.

Abraham relaxed a bit after understanding the full picture. But still, he didn't let go of Felix yet.

"But why did you awaken without informing us?" He questioned him while being shoulder-locked by Albert and Robert. "I doubt the contract will enforce you with such a stupid condition."

"Do you think I am retarded enough to inform you guys that I planned to awake with a legendary bloodline?" He sneered, uncaring about saving them face, "I know for a fact that you will pressure me to hand it over. So you can resell it and obtain enough coins to invest in business opportunities within the UVR."

"So, to avoid the entire situation, I would rather just risk awakening solo than informing you." He shrugged his shoulders with hands spread apart. "Don't take it personally; I am simply protecting my own benefits."

Tongue-tied at his reason, the elders, were left without any way to retort his negative assumption of them, as everything he mentioned was 100% correct.

They knew that when it came to the family's future, personal feelings could be overlooked. Thus, they were going to force Felix to hand the bloodline one way or another.

Such a treasure that could be sold for hundreds of millions must not be used on one person. Too many things could have been solved by having that amount in their bank account.

First, it was enough to stomp all the families and authority figures on Earth, leaving them to bite their dust. Second, it could be used to buy better bloodline and resources for their juniors. Most importantly, they could buy longevity potion for each of them without feeling a dent in their capital.

This was what their thoughts were, and they were not ashamed of them. Because everything they do was for the family, except the potion one, that was simply a universal wish for everyone.

But Felix was right; there was nothing personal here. He had no reason to hand over his own benefits for the family. A place where he had only but bad memories.

So, they didn't blame him either hate him; they just sighed in helplessness over missing such a large opportunity to make a difference.

"Alright, there is no need to say more, lad. You did what you thought was right, and no one will scold you for it." Albert walked towards the door and warned sternly, "But you better work your ass off to bring its potential to the limit. Suppose you can't even secure a representation spot with this bloodline. I will beat you to death."

The rest gave Felix a warning look and hastily chased after Albert, planning to see how they could take advantage of Felix's awakening to help the other juniors.

They obtained the answers they came for. So, there was no point remaining in the room anymore.

Although, those answers did not please them much. They still felt a little better after knowing that a Felix had awakened and also with a legendary bloodline. At least, they must be the first family on Earth to have a legendary bloodliner.

Robert hugged Felix with a warm smile. "I am proud of you, kid. Your decision was the best one to be made, since only by securing your future can you start thinking of others."

"Thanks, grandpa; I will keep your words at bay." Felix returned his hug while making an inviting motion to Olivia with a hidden glint.

She shyly approached them and entered the hug as well with a cute smile.

Sadly that smile was replaced with disgust after hearing two loud farts coming out of Felix and his grandfather.

She quickly tried to remove herself from the hug. But, would the shameless duo be that generous and let her leave without taking a whiff?

Sadly, it was a hard no.

So, poor Olivia could only remain within their clutches with watery eyes and constipated expression from the deadly smell.

"Saaaveeee meee elders!!"

Too bad, their devilish laugh quickly engulfed her cry of help after using their unique trapping technique to prank her successfully.

If Robert wasn't in a good mood, he wouldn't have entertained Felix's hidden wink he gave him during the hug.

Chapter 65: Longevity Potion Effect
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