What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?
Chapter 71: The Second Blasphemer

(Leizhui POV)

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse with the dragon showing up out of nowhere, a golden lightning bolt just hand to blast Taoyan out of the sky.

I cursed under my breath, looking towards the direction the lightning came from before an explosion blasted me out of the sky as well.

I crashed face first into the dirt, leaving an imprint of my face in the ground.

The ringing in my ears was deafening, blocking out all sounds as I tried to stand back up on shaky legs.

Two figures entered the edges of my vision.

I shook my head to clear the ringing sound before turning towards the newcomers.

"Fufufu… Ufufufu… Ufufufufu…"

"Skin him… Kukuku… Skin him… Kukuku…"

Ah, it's the fox youkai and the foreign girl from the Dong country.

I suppose they're here to avenge their Master or something.

Quite daring of them I must say.

If I remember correctly, the fox is but Inner Core Practitioners is she not? And the foreigner is just a new student of Master Lin's as well. They're just seeking death if they think they can stand up to a Master Practitioner at their current level.

I guess I should just give them a warning first, they are still beauties after all and it'll be such a waste if I killed them.

Oh, maybe they're here to seek me as their new Master? In that case I'll--

Something slammed against my abdomen, sending me crashing towards a nearby building.

I groaned as I pulled myself out of the debris, still wondering what had hit me to bypass all of my defenses.

Just now, I had only managed to catch sight of something that looked like fur at the edge of my vision hurtling towards me before I was sent flying.

"'... and all agony of hell; with my wrath and my ire, I command thee to sear. Take mine enemies' psyche and fear, torment them as their death draws near. My pain and sorrow shall fuel my sire; so take them all and set them on fire! Burning Agony!'"

The foreign girl chanted before waving her hand towards me.

I wondered what possessed her to recite a poem now of all places, a final goodbye to her departed Master perhaps?

Just as I was about to comment on that, I felt a searing pain erupt from deep within my very core.

I choked on my own words as my entire body lost its strength to stand, collapsing in a heap while blood poured out of my pores.

It felt as though thousands of needles were stabbing themselves into my body repeatedly while my insides were being cooked over a slow fire.

My vision clouded over as blood poured out of my eyes as well.

This felt exactly like one of the heavenly tribulations I had to face in the past.

It was even the trial of Eternal Heaven, where the number of Practitioners who passed it could be counted with the fingers on one's hands.

Passing that trial had shot me all the way to the top of my Sect back then, the trials gifting me with the most profound knowledge and heavenly Cultivation Point I had ever seen.

I had been proud to be among the people who passed the trial and no way would I be brought down by some girls who are still wet behind the ears!

I had even joined a Dark Sect to seek even more power! My body was refined through the numerous sacrificial rituals we had performed!

I will show them the difference between us!

Focusing on my Dark quarks, I forcefully expelled whatever that had been causing the pain.

I jumped back to create some distance from them, taking the time to swallow a healing pill.

They made no move to stop me from doing so.

While waiting for the pill to take effect, I attempted to talk to them to stall for time, "You two… Are Master Lin's disciples, yes?"

"Ara ara? This insect… No. This useless piece of filth can talk? I'm not hearing things, right? Diao Chan?"

"Kukuku… I don't know what you're talking about Manami. All I hear are the squeals of a pig about to be strung up and butchered."

"Ufufufu~~ I see, it was just my imagination then."


Have these girls gone mad?

"To think that you girls look like world shaking beauties on the outside and yet have such crazed personalities… I guess it truly suits that monster that is Master Lin."



I glanced at the floor to see a human arm that had been cut at the elbow rolling on the ground.

The pain hit me a few moments later as I clutched at the stump of my elbow, biting back a scream before it slipped out of my mouth.

"Ara… My hand slipped…" The fox youkai giggled, wiping the blood off the tip of a tail.

"Kukuku… What a coincidence, mine did too…'Winds of avarice, taketh all that are nice; rip them off from mine foe, seize everything including the dough. Essence Drain!'"

My right arm suddenly shrivelled up in size, as though everything inside it had been sucked out by an unknown force, leaving it to hang uselessly by my side.

I cursed, using Air quarks to ingest another of my healing pills. This damage will take even longer to recover from.

To buy time, I slammed my foot on the ground, creating a dome of fire that covered me from the outside.

I immediately settle my focus in absorbing the pill, returning vitality into my drained arm while the stump grew out another arm from where it was cut.

Just as I was feeling confident in my protection, a side of the dome had split apart without warning.

The fox pried a hole through my barrier with her tails, ripping the fire wall apart.

"Ara ara? Is the little piggy hiding inside here? Ufufufu! There you are, would little piggy like to get out here SO I CAN RIP YOU APART?!"

One of her tails wrapped around my neck, pulling me out of my barrier and slamming me on the ground.

I was then immediately bound and gagged at an impossible speed, my limbs tied behind my back and the ropes digging uncomfortably in various places.

The foreign girl hoisted me up a tree, hanging me upside down like some sort of punching bag.

I tried to circulate my quarks to free myself from this predicament, but a knife had embedded itself in between my legs before I could do so.

"Kukuku…" The foreign girl giggled, licking the blade of another knife she pulled out from her sleeve. "Bad boys get punished… A lot."

The fox youkai stepped up beside her, "Ufufufu~~ That is quite correct. And you… Have been a really bad boy."

The gag muffled my screams as the fox drew her extra sharp nail along my arm, tearing the skin and muscle beneath it.

"We've got all the time until Master returns after all. Ufufufu~"

"And we'll make sure you get the full course!"

How many knives does this girl have?!

Chapter 71: The Second Blasphemer
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