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Chapter 63: Announcing His Awakening

After a while, Felix broke out of the enchantment and took a deep breath with his eyes closed shut, not daring to see her bewitching face anymore.

He knew that he screwed up big time after seeing her for just a few seconds. As in before, he only heard her voice while imagining her as an old hag. But now, that he saw her real form, he would find it extremely difficult to listen to her properly without recalling her angelic beauty.

Heck, even if she cursed at him, it would only sound like heavenly bells ringing in his ears.

That's why he knew that he was done for. After all, if he couldn't fix this enchantment, the fate of being her simp wasn't too far of a stretch.

At that point, he would truly become her slave. A yes man who would never refuse any of her requests.

No wonder she said that he wasn't going to handle seeing her naked before.

What a joke, currently he couldn't even keep eye contact with her face without breathing like a horny teenager. Don't even mention seeing her nude.

No doubt, Felix would straightaway pass out from the arousing sight.

As he kept taking deep breaths periodically, his enlarged slits slowly returned to their original size. He placed a hand on his heart that was beating 100 times per minute, trying to calm it a bit.

'Get a grip, she is as old as the universe. Don't be fooled by her captivating face. In the end, she is still an old lady.'

He tried to relax his teenage hormones that were causing his body to have such an intense reaction, by mentioning the large age gap between them.

However, his plan quickly fell apart as he heard her talking in her sleep with a charming voice. "Die, you stingy bastard. You dare refuse to bring me movies to watch. Burn in hell."

Even though she was cursing him, Felix only had a love-struck expression on his face while hearing her talking about him.

Just like a crush finally responding to your message after 6 months of waiting.

What he feared would happen, ended up happening eventually. So, without further delay, he quickly escaped from his consciousness without fulfilling his plan of scaring Asna.


In the white room, Felix woke up with black lines on his forehead. "Fuck, she was probably planning to take advantage of my age, by harassing and teasing me when I visit her for the first time.'

Good thing he saw her while sleeping without her knowledge. So now, the situation could still be salvaged If he slowly managed to numb her beauty from his memory by seeing her constantly, or imagining her all the time.

This way when he finally sees her for real, the only response he would give was, 'Meh, not bad'.

But that wasn't going to be a walk in the park since she could read his mind and easily figure out his plan.

So he had only a limited duration to take advantage of, and that was during her sleep.

"I will never give her the satisfaction of seeing my stunned expression when I meet her next time." He stood up with his fist clutched tight and said, "I swear on it!"

He then dropped the matter for now, as his time inside the room was tight. So, he began scrolling for other necessary techniques to buy. Such as the UVR consciousness connection, that would allow him to connect to the UVR wherever he was in the universe without relying on signal towers like commoners.

The consciousness access technique he was using now, only allowed him to enter his consciousness, nothing more, nothing less.

After buying a couple of different techniques, he closed off the screen and left the white room without testing them.


A few hours later...

Felix already returned to his room in reality and paid a servant to handle the delivery process of the gifts.

It was really a weird moment when Felix welcomed the servant, wearing wide glasses that covered half his face, a cap on his head, and a hoodie on top.

His appearance resembled a celebrity trying their best to remain undercover in public. However, Felix wore like that just to cover up for his mutations, so the news wouldn't leak outside this early.

The last thing he needed was handling the elders' investigation right now, as a more pressing issue was chasing after him, which was how to deal with Asna's overpowered charm without alerting her.

He spent hours thinking of a solid plan. But, no matter what he came up with, he always returned to his original first plan, That was to numb his emotions by seeing her constantly in her sleep.

He knew that a plan like this wasn't reliable much, but when compared to what he came up with, it was the only one that had the highest chance of success.

After all, everything in the universe would gradually lose its beauty and luster if one kept staring at it constantly for a long period of time. Or at least, the feeling wasn't going to be the same as seeing it for the very first time.

The only fault in this plan was the fact Asna could wake up at any given moment without prior notice. Felix had no plans to meet up with her while awake. Otherwise, the fate of getting harassed and teased to death was inescapable.

Hence, the current dilemma, whether to go for this plan or not.

"Fuck it; I will enter as much as possible during this month to build immunity against her." He massaged his temples gently and added, "If she wakes up, so be it. I will take her teasing like a horny teenager, nothing to be ashamed of since I am excused from anything I do or say during my hormonal upsurge."

"This is all the fault of my body, not me."

He quickly built a solid excuse to use in case the plan failed. After all, his body was still 18 years old. The year where hormones were doing most of the talking and not his rationality.

Felix sighed one last time and pinched his throat again, planning to access his unconsciousness to kick start his plan as fast as possible.

There was no time to waste, as every second count in this race. Either he survives her charm, or she wakes up and finds out about everything.


20 days quickly passed by, as the big day of awakening in the family was happening tomorrow morning.

Everyone was on edge, whether parents or the few remaining juniors who were about to awaken. No one was spared from the tense atmosphere.

The entire building had descended into a deafening silence, in preparation for tomorrow's big event.

Yet suddenly this silence was broken by Felix's loud bragging voice that resonated on every floor.

"Party in my room to celebrate this daddy successful awakening. Only female cousins are invited though. Thank you and good luck tomorrow."

After finishing his announcement Felix paid the monitor room guard two cigarettes and bolted in the direction of his room.

He knew that the elders were going to rush towards it, to see if he lied or not. Thus, it was better if he was there already than to be cornered by them in the hallway.

Just like he guessed, the moment the announcement was made, everyone's peaceful expressions changed to disbelief and shock.

Especially the juniors who were relaxing their mentality in preparation, as they heard his damned voice, loud and clear from the speaker that was installed in their room.

"Bullshit, how can he awaken when his bloodline is in the hands of the elders?" Kenny that was practicing yoga in his room sneered after hearing Felix's bold claim.

His reaction was exactly the same as the rest of the juniors. They honestly believed that Felix was either lying as a prank or to lighten the mood.

Whatever it was, his claim was totally bullshit. After all, the elders were definitely not going to give him the bloodline bottle during this sensitive moment.

It wasn't just him, but every junior had their bloodlines taken by the elders 10 days prior after a moronic junior tried to awaken secretly after realizing that he couldn't handle the torture of the mock practice anymore.

His thoughts were understandable, as he believed that he would rather go for it and wish for lady luck to grace him than to have his bloodline bottle taken away after giving up the practice.

Unfortunately, his shriveled body was found the next morning laying on a pool of clotted blood.

Thus, the juniors had no plans to head to Felix's room and entertain his crap. They would rather continue their mental preparation, hoping to get a peace of mind for the big day tomorrow.

On the other hand, Olivia was the total opposite, as she quickly left her room with a worried expression.

"I hope this is not one of his stupid pranks. Or else he will be heavily punished by the elders." She chewed on her lip inside the elevator and murmured, "Stupid Felix, It is really bad timing for pranks."

"...." Noah's ears twitched slightly, then returned normal. That was the only reaction he had about this situation.


Meanwhile on the roof, near the swimming pool and the garden.

Wide-eyed, Robert spat a mouthful of orange juice at Albert's face. "Did that rascal really awaken?" He wiped his mouth and said, "I know for a fact that he won't lie about those kinds of things, which means he bought another bloodline from the UVR and used it!"

Dumbfounded, Albert cleaned his face from the juice drops. He did not even lash at Robert after being showered like that, he simply responded with a questing tone. "But why didn't he wait until tomorrow? Isn't much better to awaken under our supervision?"

"What's more pressing is to find out, which bloodline he integrated with and why did he do so without informing us." Abraham slammed his palm on the table and shouted, "This is intolerable action that must be punished. Otherwise, everyone would start copying him and doing what the hell they want without our approval!" He huffed, "We can't be having any more dead bodies on the building."

"Enough wasting time asking us." Charlotte pushed glasses upward her nose bridge and said, "let's go find out in person. I trust Felix will have a plausible explanation."


After Felix reached his room, he kept the door wide open and sat on a chair in front of it with a relaxed smile.

He felt quite relaxed about the entire situation, as he spent the past half month preparing enough material to counter-attack every question they throw at him.

A few moments later, the first to arrive was unsurprisingly Olivia, who peeked inside the room with one eye while leaning against the wall.

Immediately after spotting Felix, who was sitting in the middle of the room in a carefree manner.

She yelled out loud while barring her small fangs at him. "Who are you?! And what did you do to Felix?!"

Chapter 63: Announcing His Awakening
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